List of references.

Season One episodes

<ref name="ep101"> 1.01, "[[The Day That Everything Changed]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep102"> 1.02, "[[String Theory]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep103"> 1.03, "[[Beyond the Sea]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep104"> 1.04, "[[Lockdown]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep105"> 1.05, "[[The Architect]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep106"> 1.06, "[[Frostbite]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep107"> 1.07, "[[Leader of the Pack]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep108"> 1.08, "[[Breach (episode)|Breach]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep109"> 1.09, "[[Dark Passage]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep110"> 1.10, "[[The Forgotten]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep111"> 1.11, "[[Operation: Wingman]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep112"> 1.12, "[[Rabble]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep113"> 1.13, "[[The Hunter]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep114"> 1.14, "[[Gravity]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep115"> 1.15, "[[What Lies Beneath]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep116"> 1.16, "[[The Swarm]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep117"> 1.17, "[[Basic]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep118"> 1.18, "[[Plague]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep119"> 1.19, "[[Promises, Promises]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep120"> 1.20, "[[Badlands]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep121"> 1.21, "[[Payback]]"</ref>


<ref name="cred101"> [[:File:The Day That Everything Changed credits.png|"The Day That Everything Changed" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred102"> [[:File:String Theory credits.png|"String Theory" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred103"> [[:File:Beyond the Sea credits.png|"Beyond the Sea" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred104"> [[:File:Lockdown credits.png|"Lockdown" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred105"> [[:File:The Architect credits.png|"The Architect" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred106"> [[:File:Frostbite credits.png|"Frostbite" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred109"> [[:File:Dark Passage credits.png|"Dark Passage" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred110"> [[:File:The Forgotten credits.png|"The Forgotten" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred111"> [[:File:Operation Wingman credits.png|"Operation: Wingman" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred112"> [[:File:Rabble credits.png|"Rabble" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred113"> [[:File:The Hunter credits.png|"The Hunter" credits]].</ref>

Season Two episodes

<ref name="ep201"> 2.01, "[[Rampage]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep202"> 2.02, "[[Waste Land]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep203"> 2.03, "[[Lost Weekend]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep204"> 2.04, "[[Alliance]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep205"> 2.05, "[[Robo Bobo (episode)|Robo Bobo]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep206"> 2.06, "[[Divide By Six]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep207"> 2.07, "[[Mixed Signals]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep208"> 2.08, "[[Outpost]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep209"> 2.09, "[[Haunted]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep210"> 2.10, "[[Moonlighting]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep211"> 2.11, "[[Without a Paddle]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep212"> 2.12, "[[Written in Sand]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep213"> 2.13, "[[Night Falls]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep214"> 2.14, "[[Hard Target]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep215"> 2.15, "[[A Family Holiday]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep216"> 2.16, "[[Exposed]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep217"> 2.17, "[[Grounded]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep218"> 2.18, "[[Six Minus Six]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep219"> 2.19, "[[Lions and Lambs]]"</ref>


<ref name="cred201"> [[:File:Rampage credits.png|"Rampage" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred202"> [[:File:Waste Land credits.png|"Waste Land" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred203"> [[:File:Lost Weekend credits.png|"Lost Weekend" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred204"> [[:File:Alliance credits.png|"Alliance" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred205"> [[:File:Robo Bobo credits.png|"Robo Bobo" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred206"> [[:File:Divide By Six credits.png|"Divide By Six" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred207"> [[:File:Mixed Signals credits.png|"Mixed Signals" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred208"> [[:File:Outpost credits.png|"Outpost" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred209"> [[:File:Haunted credits.png|"Haunted" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred210"> [[:File:Moonlighting credits.png|"Moonlighting" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred211"> [[:File:Without a Paddle credits.png|"Without a Paddle" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred212"> [[:File:Written in Sand credits.png|"Written in Sand" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred213"> [[:File:Night Falls credits.png|"Night Falls" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred214"> [[:File:Hard Target credits.png|"Hard Target" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred215"> [[:File:A Family Holiday credits.png|"A Family Holiday" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred216"> [[:File:Exposed credits.png|"Exposed" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred217"> [[:File:Grounded credits.png|"Grounded" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred218"> [[:File:Six Minus Six credits.png|"Six Minus Six" credits]].</ref>
<ref name="cred219"> [[:File:Lions and Lambs credits.png|"Lions and Lambs" credits]].</ref>

Season Three episodes

<ref name="ep301"> 3.01, "[[Back in Black]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep302"> 3.02, "[[Crash and Burn]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep303"> 3.03, "[[Phantom of the Soap Opera]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep304"> 3.04, "[[Riddle of the Sphinx]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep305"> 3.05, "[[Double Vision]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep306"> 3.06, "[[Guy vs. Guy]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep307"> 3.07, "[[Black and White]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep308"> 3.08, "[[Deadzone]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep309"> 3.09, "[[Assault on Abysus]]"</ref>
<ref name="HeroesUnited"> 3.10-11, "[[Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep312"> 3.12, "[[Remote Control]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep313"> 3.13, "[[A Brief History of Time]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep314"> 3.14, "[[Mind Games]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep315"> 3.15, "[[Hermanos]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep316"> 3.16, "[[Target: Consortium]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep317"> 3.17, "[[Enemies Mine]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep318"> 3.18, "[[Rock My World]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep319"> 3.19, "[[Endgame, Part 1]]"</ref>
<ref name="ep320"> 3.20, "[[Endgame, Part 2]]"</ref>


<ref name="cred301"> [[:File:Back in Black credits.png|"Back in Black" credits]].</ref>

Other references

  • references
<ref name="CN"> From older ''Generator Rex'' official site, originally on</ref>
  • Throughout season one
<ref name="S01"> Throughout [[List of Generator Rex episodes#Season one|season one]].</ref>
  • Throughout season two
<ref name="S02"> Throughout [[List of Generator Rex episodes#Season two|season two]].</ref>
  • Throughout season three
<ref name="S03"> Throughout [[List of Generator Rex episodes#Season three|season three]].</ref>
  • Throughout the series references
<ref name="Series"> Throughout the [[Generator Rex|series]].</ref>
  • M. Rex, issue #1
<ref name="M.Rex01"> M. Rex, Issue #1 - "The Actress, The Agent And The Apprentice"</ref>
  • M. Rex, issue #2
<ref name="M.Rex02"> M. Rex, Issue #2 - "Size Matters"</ref>
  • Generator Rex: Agent of Providence
<ref name="GR:AOP"> [[Generator Rex: Agent of Providence]]</ref>
  • Unknown source
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