Rex: I wish they'd hurry up and get the HQ rebuilt. You're not still living under your jumpjet like some ninja hobo, are you?
Agent Six: My temporary accommodations are perfectly adeqauate.
Rex: Yep. Still living in the jet. Ugh. I hate being kicked out of our home. Although as long as they're building stuff, I need a hot tub.

(Rex is eating popcorn lying on the couch watching a Spanish soap opera)
Noah Nixon: What are you watching?
Rex: Cultural enrichment. Later on we find out that Doctor Swores chooses Isabel or her evil half-sister Anna Maria.

Noah: If you're gonna stay with me while they're rebuilding Providence, at least don't flaunt the fact that you don't have a Pre-Calculus test in three days.
Rex: Pre-what?
Noah: Exactly my point. And when I agreed to this, I wasn't expecting the sidekick too.
Bobo Haha: Hey pally, we're a package deal. Live with it.

Rex: (about an E.V.O.) Did you see that mark? Van Kleiss made that one!
Doctor Holiday: Why else do you think I've been trying to get a sample from it?
Rex: I don't know. Just being science-y?

Doctor Holiday: (after getting some samples from the E.V.O.) Got it. You can cure it now.
Rex: (the E.V.O.flails Rex around) Whoa!
Doctor Holiday: Unless you like getting thrown around like that.

Van Kleiss: You would be wise to consider delaying your celebration for the moment, Rex. You're about to have your hands quite full.
Rex: Oh really? And how do you figure that?

Rex: I was wondering when you and your hair would show up again, Van Kleiss.
Van Kleiss: Back to your old self again I see. And how are those new abilities developing?

Rex: Noah, if you can still understand me, when I said you should let things go, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Rex: It should be about balance. You know, take care of the important stuff, but leave a little room for fun. Right now, too much fun! Whoa! (Rex smashes in to a pole).
Rex: Everything's fine. Not a problem.
Agent Six: If you can't stop him, it's going to be.
Rex: You know Six, you really need to think positive.

Rex: I don't believe this. My best friend's an E.V.O. forever, and not even a cool E.V.O. He's the annoying break stuff kind. (Noah belches)
Rex: Ugh!
Doctor Holiday: Actually Rex, it might not be Noah. Your biometrics have flat-lined.
Rex: All that running around. He just wore me out. Did you hear that? It's me not you. Just give me a minute.

Rex: Do you remember anything?
Noah: It's all kind of hazy. I mostly remember a feeling of... fun. And I remember you punching me in the face.
Rex: Yeah, sorry about that. Thought you were trying to eat me.

Rex: I know I'm not supposed to be here. I don't care if it's a construction zone. I'm moving back!
Agent Six: It's all right. Turns out you're not the only one who feels that way. (Holiday waves at them from the Control Room)
Agent Six: You'll get used to the cold showers. Food - you're on your own.

Rex: Don't you have anything better to do in your life than come after me all the time?
Van Kleiss: Funny you should ask.
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