Camera pans down from the moon to the streets, showing the city of Hong Kong. Civilians walk. Camera cuts to building. Zooms in at Agent Six, keeping watch from the roof top. Rex impatiently paces behind him.
Rex [Groans.] I should've brought doughnuts. Wait, do they even have doughnuts in Hong Kong? [Stops pacing. Looks at Six.] And since when are we cops?!
Nearby store alarm goes off.
Six Since EVOs started becoming criminals.
The store entrance explodes. Three EVOs run out with bags of cash over their shoulders. Two boy and one girl: Tuck, Skwydd, and Cricket.
Rex Right...[Six takes out his swords.] think we could've gone in there before they blew up the building?
Six That requires knowing which one they were in...[Leaps off building.]
Rex Pft! [Pulls down goggles.] Logic. [Jumps off building.] YEAH!
Six gracefully lands on the roof of a car while Rex lands afterward, punching his smack hands into the pavement. Providence agents appear from sidelines and surround the three criminals.
Skwydd Providence? Quarry's not gonna like this!
Agent Lower your...[realizes they're unarmed.] N-nobody move!
Skwydd, Tuck, and Cricket look at one and smirk. Immediately, they leap into battle and are shot at. Tuck does numerous back handsprings on one arm meanwhile having a bag of cash in the other. Rex runs behind the agent and pushes the agent, shooting, aside.
Rex Try it like this. [Forms punk busters.] Freeze sucka's!.
Rex steps on the pavement, causing a rising fissure of cement to chase after Cricket. She easily dodges the attack and leaps unto a wall. With massive power, she leaps off the wall and aims directly at Rex, giving him a powerful punch. Rex tumbles over while Cricket safely lands. Meanwhile, Agent Six fights Tuck, who is easily evading all of his strikes. Skwydd provides backup by taking out multiple agents who are firing at him. He flies out of screen after being shot at by Rex's slam cannon. Cricket attempts to perform a sneak attack from behind, but gets knocked out by flying into Rex's cannon. Six then gets the upper hand and slashes the bags of money in Tuck's possession. Out of the bags, dollars scatter all over.
Rex [Clenches a dollar bill.] Bank heist? You're EVOs! Step it up a little.
Cricket looks up at Rex's and gasps. Skwydd removes his hood and blows out a cloud of black ink for cover. Cricket kicks Rex from behind, and the three other EVOs escape. As the smoke screen clears out, Six and Rex run into the clear to look for them.
Rex [Coughs and fans the air.] Ugh, I do not wanna know what that is.
Six [Sternly, to everyone.] Split up!
All agents, including Rex and Six, depart from one another and head in different directions.

Tuck, on the other hand, is sprinting through an alleyway in order to escape Providence. Forming his mechanical ride, Rex follows after. As he's speeding through the alleyway, Rex's vision blurs up and he gets strange visions of the area. He loses focus and crashes into a brick wall after regaining his attention shortly afterward. Laying in the debris, Rex begins coughing, unaware of Tuck prepared to crush him with a large rock from behind.

Tuck [Surprised.] Rex? [Kneels down to Rex's level.]
Rex Do I know you?
Tuck [Helps Rex stand.] It's me--Tuck. I use to be your best friend, remember? You were one of us. [Rex looks surprised.] Welcome home.
Opening theme song plays.
Cut to two rats, running around in the alleyway.
Tuck [Hands on Rex's shoulders.] I knew you'd come back.
Rex [Looks frightened.] Uh, seriously. [Steps back.] Who are you?
Tuck You had another one of your memory things, didn't you? [Rex is speechless.] I can't believe all the new stuff you can do! [Punches air.] The fists! [Kicks.] The feet! [Makes imaginary cannon.] That wicked gun! [Rests arm around Rex's shoulder.] So much cooler than when we jacked ATMs for cash.
Police sirens are heard and bright headlights are seen. Cut to vehicles, slowing down into the alley.
Tuck [Cut to Tuck. Jumps back.] Gotta go! You know where to find us. [Salutes and uses ability, to unravel through the space of a building.]
Rex [Quickly runs to building and faces vehicles.] Sirens? Really? [Sarcastically.] That's nice. Real subtle, guys.
Cut to aerial view of Hong Kong streets. A Providence assault vehicle races past.]
Rex [Off-screen. Cut to vehicle.] I want to go undercover.
Agent Six [Cut to inside of vehicle.] It's not under cover if they know who you are, Rex.
Rex You know what I mean! A solo mission. Turn off the heat and let me track these guys down!
White Knight [Via broadcaster.] A surprisingly good tactical call, given its source.
Rex Just hear me out! [Jumps back.] Wait...did we just agree on something...?
White Knight Hong Kong commands seems to think these EVO punks are part of a bigger game; a mob boss named Quarry. [Close up.] Find them. Gain their trust. Take 'em down.
Rex [To Six.] These guys say they know me. I gotta know if it's true.
Agent Six nods. Cut to Rex, walking around sidewalks and stores around the late hours of the night. He stops are a nearby store with two large koi fish pictures on the windows. He looks away and continues walking. Cut to Rex's reflection of him crossing over a bridge in some water down below. Trash floats in the water.
Rex [Rests on the edge of the bridge.] "You know where to find us." Yeah, right. I don't even know where to find a cheeseburger in this [looks up and widens eyes.] town... [Rex begins having visions once again. He sees images of birds going frantic in cages, a speeding train, and moths surrounded under bright lights. After his vision, Rex arrives by an alley with a vendor cutting chicken nearby. The vendor has the same bright lights like in his vision.]
Vendor [Speaks to Rex in Chinese.]
Rex [Turns.] Excuse me?
Vendor Do not go in there! [Continues speaking Chinese but the word EVOs is heard clearly.]
Rex EVOs, huh? [Continues walking into alley.] Then that's definitely where I want to go. Whoa! I understand Chinese.
Cut to Vendor, shaking his head in disappointment as Rex walks deeper into the alley. Cut to aerial view of Rex, walking in the alley. A figure quickly dashes across from above. Cut to Rex, who cautiously looks around as he walks deeper. As he reaches the end, Cricket and Skwydd jump out of the corners and Tuck jumps on a small rooftop behind them. As if they're prepared to fight, Rex braces him for a battle by forming a build.
Rex Wanna finish what we started?! [Balls up smack hand and smirks.] Go right ahead.
Tuck makes his way down from the roof top by elongating his bandaged limbs and walks towards Rex. Rex lifts his arms, prepared to strike.
Tuck [Smiles and pats Rex's shoulder.] I really thought, "We can rattle you this time."
Rex [Deactivates built.] Yeah, well being cornered in a dark alley by bug-girl, and tentacle-boy isn't exactly a "pee-your-pants" situation for me.
Skwydd I wanna make sure it's really Rex. [To Rex.] Show us your arm! [Rex lifts left arm.]
Tuck The other one. [Rex lifts right arm.] Push up your sleeve, [Rex pushes up his sleeve.] Ink check! [A strange ink marking appears on Rex's arm.]
Rex What...? How did you--
Tuck Voice activated nano-ink [Cricket shows one on her neck.] You came up with it. [Shows one of his left shoulder.]
Skwydd [Shows one underneath his tentacle-hair] We have a problem with a shape-shifter once.
Rex [Nano-ink disappears.] I'm just full of surprises. [Smiles and clenches fist.]
Cut to a large wooden water tower on a rooftop. A couple of birds fly past the scenery.]
Rex [off-screen.] You live here?
Tuck [off-screen.] It's not exactly paradise.
Rex [Cut to inside of tank.] What are you talking about? It's awesome. Where'd you get all this stuff?
Skwydd [Crosses his arms and leans on wall.] We lifted it?
Tuck Since you probably forgot [Points at Skwydd.] That's Skwydd [Then to Cricket.] and Cricket.
Rex Look, you all seem like perfectly nice...criminals, but I'm having a hard time buying that I would hang out with you.
Cricket [Walks to Rex.] You didn't just "hang out". [Hands picture.] You were our leader.
Rex looks at the photograph in astonishment. It is an old picture of Rex with all three of them. Arms over their shoulders, all smiling.
Cricket Don't you still have your book?
Rex I only read on my phone.
Tuck You kept a journal. Uploaded everything? [Cricket walks off.] That way when sooner or later you'd blank out, at least you'd know who you are...or, use to be.
Rex How many times have I--
Tuck Lost it? Uh, [Shakes head.] never with us. But before, I think it was a lot.
Rex [Looks over at Cricket, who blushes and looks away before fixing her hair.] Why is she looking at me like? [Tuck smirks at Rex.] Oh...really?
Tuck She had a crush. You never noticed--or...pretended not to. You saved her from a pretty bad situation, all of us actually.
Rex Didn't I try to cure you?
Tuck A few got lucky. [Rex walks over to the pool table.] They're long gone. It's not so bad now. [Rex places down picture.] Quarry makes sure we get everything we need.
Rex Yeah, well, guess what? [Looks at Tuck.] You've got Providence on your back now, and they won't stop until you're gone. You gotta quit! Walk away...
Tuck You don't walk away from Quarry, Rex. [Lifts arm.] You can quartered out in pieces. When you were here we did whatever we wanted; no one messed with us. [Sadly looks down.] Things are different now.
Rex Whoever this Quarry guy is, I'm gonna take care of him.
Rex is then surprised by a loud bang on the entrance door. Just before the door is slammed through and broken into pieces, Rex and Tuck run out of the way to avoid being struck. Knuckles, an EVO with abnormally bulging muscles stands at the entrance.
Knuckles Hello, children. I got a message from the boss. [Swings fist and damages something nearby.] That was an easy job, [Walks closer to Tuck, Cricket, and Skwydd, eventually cornering them.] and you choked [Crushes small barrel of water.] Next time, it'll be your worthless skulls. [Is approached by Rex.] Who are you?!
Rex Your new best friend, [Slams palm on chest and cures Knuckles back into an average person. Knuckles is shocked.] Now I've got a message for the boss: [Points at friends.] They're done.
Terrified, Knuckles flees and exits their home. Tuck, Cricket, and Skwydd begin cheering. Cut to Knuckles, who is at Quarry's base. He entered Quarrys office, which has Quarry sitting at large table and two of Quarry's large henchmen on each of his sides.
Knuckles He cured me boss! He just reached out and cured me!
Quarry Good for you, Knuckles! [Sits forward.] But the name, It doesn't really suit you anymore, now does it? That's a real shame.
Knuckles W-why's that boss?
Quarry Because you're worthless to me now.
Quarry points his finger, signaling his enforcers to do their job. They leave Quarry's side and approach Knuckles. As they get closer and surround him, they start growling. Cut to Quarry, who sits with his hands folded and smiles maliciously at the terrified yells of Knuckles.
Quarry Rex is back...
Enforcer 1 [Cut to another henchman.] Want me to bring him in boss?
Quarry [Laughs. Off-screen.] He'd eat you for breakfast. [On-screen.] No, no, no. He'll come to me...and we have plenty of catching up to do.
Cut to scenery of Hong Kong. Cut to Rex, Cricket, Tuck, and Skwydd sprinting along and jumping across the rooftops in the city. Finally, they take a break. Rex slowly lands after flying with his boogie pack. He disassembles it.
Rex [Exhales.] We did these roof runs every night?!
Tuck Every night except Tuesdays.
Rex Why, what was on Tuesday?
Skwydd [Sarcastically.] Arts and crafts. [Tuck looks down at something.]
Rex [Walks closer to Tuck.] What's down there?
Skwydd [Off-screen.] Warehouse. It's where Quarry keeps his toys.
Rex [Playfully.] Reeeally?
Cut to inside of the warehouse, the entrance is opened with Rex, Tuck, Skwydd, and Cricket standing outside.
Tuck This place is seriously off limits, Rex. Nobody messes with Quarry's things.
Rex I thought I told you not to worry about that guy. [Flips on light switch. Multiple sports cars at in the warehouse. Rex walks inside.] No way!
Skwydd Yeah. And guess who had to steal most of 'em?
Cricket Quarry can't even drive. He just keeps them here, gathering dust.
Skwydd [Rex takes out his phone and begins dialing. Looks at Rex.] Uh...what are you doing?
Rex finishes dialing and winks. Cut to tow trucks exiting with all of Quarry's cars. Rex turns to see all of his friends laughing hysterically.
Tuck I can't believe you called the cops!
[Approaches friends.] Well, they were stolen.
Skwydd [Worried.] Oh man...when Quarry finds out.
Shattering glass is heard and all teens looks at the back of warehouse to see three of Quarry's large enforcers land in the warehouse. They growl on entrance.
Cricket [off-screen] I think he just did...
Rex [Walks forward.] I'll handle this. Hey! Yeah, I know! You look a little surprised. See, I figured since no one was actually driving them, maybe all those cars should go back to their owners. [Looks directly up at enforcer. Crosses arms.] You got a problem with that? [The enforcer raises his arm, and quickly slams Rex's body into the pavement by choke hold.]
Skwydd I think they have a problem...
While Rex is still struggling to break free, Cricket jumps in and delivers a powerful kick to the enforcers face, calling him to fall back. She turns around, seeing the two other enforcers vanish and quickly appear closer to her. They growl and Rex quickly jumps into the air behind them and smashes them each into the pavement with his mechanical fists, causing a strong breeze. Cricket covers her face and looks back at Rex with a smile.
Rex [Kneels over enforcers.] Options: Leave on your own, or with a little help. What's it going to be?
The enforcer growls and doesn't seem to move. Rex slowly shakes his head with a smirk. Cut to the outside of the warehouse, where the enforcers are thrown out of the sun roof windows where they came in from.]
Rex [off-screen.] ¡Hasta luego!
Tuck [Looks up at window and back at Rex.] This is not going to end well, Rex.
Skwydd Those were some of his top enforcers.
Rex [Turns to them.] Oh, yeah? Then taking this Quarry-guy down is going to be easier than I thought [Crosses his arms and smirks.]
Cricket It isn't a joke Rex.
Rex And I'm not laughing. Look, I may not remember how I got out of this life, but I did, and you can too, starting right now! It'll be fine, I promise! [Skwydd places his hands in his pockets and walks off with Cricket, who puts her arm on his shoulder.] They don't look convinced.
Tuck [Looks away.] You made a promise like that once before... [Walks off.]
Cut to Rex and his friends walking along the rooftops to their water tower hideout.
Skwydd I've always wanted to join the circus. If I'm a freak for life, might as well get paid for it.
Cricket I just wanna go far away. Someplace new.
Rex [Looks back.] You can do anything you want now.
The gang's hideout suddenly explodes into a great inferno. Wood and rubble flies at the group while they cover their faces. Cut to remains of the hideout burning in flames.
Tuck [Steps forward but is held back by Cricket and Skwydd.] YOU SEE?! [Points.] THIS IS WHY YOU DONT CROSS QUARRY!
Quarry [Off-screen.] Well put... [Enters rooftop.] The disrespect I've been shown today? [Shakes head.] Tsk, tsk. [Three enforcers land beside him from above.] Simply unacceptable.
Rex walks ahead of the gang and looks at Quarry.
Quarry I've missed you, Rex. Been seeing the news. Providence? That's a big step up from these streets.
Rex I don't remember you. I don't even know who you are but I can tell you this: [Balls fists.] You just brought yourself a truckload of sorry.
Quarry crosses his arms and the enforcer to his left pursues Rex. Rex builds a mechanical smack head and punches the enforcer back, tossing it off the rooftop.
Quarry [Chuckles and stops the enforcer to his right from attacking.] You may have forgotten me Rex, but you haven't changed a bit...
Rex [Deactivates build.] Forget the tower; we're even. But as far as these guys go, they don't owe you anything. Are we clear?
Quarry And who's gonna look after them, hmm? See that they can live as they please without Providence or the local cops hauling them away? You?
Rex That's right! [His friends smile and look up at him.]
Quarry I wouldn't believe a word he says, it was Rex who gave you to me in the first place!
Everyone, including Rex, becomes shocked.
Tuck That's a lie!
Quarry Oh? [Pulls out PDA tablet.] Need to jog a few memories shall we?
Tuck It's your journal...
Rex [Steps closer to Quarry.] Hand it over! NOW!
Quarry You can lose the attitude, Rex. You gave this to me! After all [Presses button.] You were my top lieutenant.
Recording of Rex "¡Adios! freeloaders, finally convinced Quarry to take these leeches of my hands. He gets some new lapdogs; I get to walk away."
Rex is stunned by the recording and instantly gets flashback memories of the times he spent with his gang jumping off rooftops, orchestrating robberies, walking into Quarry's office, collecting money, and settling agreements with him. Snapping out his flashback, he is punched in the face by Tuck.
Cricket We trusted you!!! Why!?
Rex [Wipes mouth.] I don't know, I mean...even if it was me, it doesn't mean anything now!
Cricket becomes saddened.
Quarry I don't blame any of you, Rex can be very convincing: Offering you a new life, a way out. [Sternly.] There is no way out for you, only me. [The gang looks down in defeat.] Of course you're forgiven.
Cricket looks up at Quarry and then back at Rex. Hesitantly, she walks towards him.
Rex [Gets up.] You're not taking them anywhere! [Is pushed away by Tuck.]
Tuck You're right...he's not. We're going willingly. At least we know who he is.
Quarry Leave the sewers to us rats! You go back to Providence... [Walks off with the gang. He looks back one last time.] It was good to see you again, Rex.
Rex follows after the group, but Skwydd spits out a cloud of thick black smoke. Rex doesn't attempt to chase them and they escape. Cut to the next morning. The rooftop hideout is smoking due to being extinguished.
Rex [Paces back and forth, speaking to himself.] They wanna be with Quarry? That's fine. I gave them a first-class ticket out of here. If they wanna be idiots they can go right ahead. We'll just take them all down. [Kicks debris and sighs.] I don't owe them anything. [Rex looks at the floor and sees the photograph of his friends.] Gah! Great, Rex! You had to look down at the ol' picture.
After a pause, he groans. He builds his boogie pack and shoots into the air. Cut to a building in the middle of the night. Two EVOs are playing poker at a table before Rex kicks through the building. One attacks Rex and he kicks the EVO to the side, instantly defeating him. The other EVO decides to run but Rex pins him down.
Rex I want Quarry.
Lieutenant Don't know what you're talkin' about.
Rex [Pins harder.] How about now?
Lieutenant I'm not that far up the food chain, OKAY!?
Rex But you can get him a message, right?
Lieutenant Maybe... [Is squeezed harder.] Yes!
Rex Good. You tell him I'm coming for him...and I want my book back.
Cut to scene of and EVO breaking through the exit of a robbed with Skwydd, Tuck, and Cricket following after him. They are each holding bags in their hands. Rex looks down from the rooftops above and flies away. Cut to scene of them entering a base. Again, Rex watches them from above. He uses his abilities to open the door and immediately faces a bunch of EVOs. He cracks his neck side to side and jumps into battle. Defeating each of his opponents with ease. He punches the final enemy through a wall and walks through the hole.
Rex Quarry!
Cut to his old gang with Quarry.
Tuck You're not changing our minds!
Rex Not here to; I made a mistake, now I'm going to fix it. You can do whatever you want after.
Quarry Ooh! How loyal of you! Makes you feel all warm and happy inside, doesn't it? But do you want to see what real loyalty looks like? [To Tuck, Cricket, and Skwydd.] Take him.
Tuck, Cricket, and Skwydd immediately engage into a battle with Rex and Cricket is the first to charge at him, but she tossed off of him. Tuck gets a hit in and Skwydd follow up with an attack. Rex dodges and builds his boogie pack, charging at them and pinning them to a wall. Cut to Quarry, smiling.
Rex [Deactivates build and drops Tuck and Skwydd.] Lo siento...
Quarry [Holds PDA.] Come on Rex...[Rex builds sword.] We both know this is what you really want. So go on, take it. Walk away! Show them who you really are.
Rex looks back at Tuck helping Cricket up and Skwydd walking beside them.]
Quarry You were always really good at taking care of yourself. So why should now be any different?
Rex [Slices the PDA in half.] Whoever I was back then, it's not who I am now. Not anymore...
After hearing those words, Cricket, Tuck and Skwydd look up at Rex from where they are.
Quarry Your choice...[Throws a punch at Rex.]
Rex dodges the punch and jumps back as Quarry chases him. Rex swings his sword at him a few times, but is ultimately deflected by Quarry. Rex returns to give Quarry another strike, but Quarry lifts his forearm, wedging the sword in his stone arm. Quarry breaks the sword in two and powerfully kicks Rex back. Removing the blade from his arm, he hurls the blade at Rex. Rex dodge rolls and forms his cannon buster next and fires shots that Quarry easily punches away. He reaches Rex, grabs him and slams him into multiple pillars. Before Quarry could touch him again, Tuck stretches out his arms and restrains Quarry. Skwydd quickly slices through a pillar with Cricket following up with a powerful kick; throwing it at Quarry's back. Distracted, Rex takes the opportunity to use his fists and drill Quarry into the pavement, weakening him.
Rex Fight's over Quarry. You. Lose.
Cut to Quarry being arrested by Providence agents.
White Knight [via communicator.] So you got the fish, what about the minnows?
Rex [Watching Tuck, Cricket and Skwydd.] They got a away. But I don't think they're going to be a problem anymore.
Cut to rooftop with destroyed water tower.
Skwydd I hope you don't expect us to thank you.
Rex No. Just don't blow this. Providence won't be a problem unless you do something stupid.
Cricket We'll be fine [Kisses Rex on the cheek.] Thank you, Rex.
Tuck Don't forget about us, okay?
Rex [Puts on goggles.] That may be a promise I can't keep.
Rex forms his boogie pack and soars off the rooftop, leaving his smiling friends to watch him. Cut to close up on Rex's eyes getting examined with a light.
Rex It's gonna happen again, isn't it? I'm going to blank out. How long do I have?
Doctor Holiday I don't know, Rex. It's likely triggered by a specific event, something traumatic.
Rex So I just have to wait?
Agent Six No. You just have to live. Life is full of unknowns, Rex. It'll happen when it happens, and when it does, we'll still be here.
Rex Yeah, and I'll have no idea who you are! [Gets up and approaches Six and Holiday.] Who I am. I won't remember...things like...Holiday wears red shoes on Friday, always keep one of those weird tasting mints in your right pocket.
Agent Six [Presents journal.] That's why we got you this. It's a journal.
Rex [Grabs and flips through it.] Wow! Real paper. Kinda old school, Six.
Agent Six That's how I roll.
Rex I don't know how much of my past I want to remember now...but this life...? Here...? It's pretty good. Thanks. Can I borrow a pen? [Is given a pen by Six.] How about a mint?
Agent Six Don't push your luck, kid.
Camera cuts to outside of Providence headquarters and pans outward until screen fades to black.
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