Rabbit EVO
Rabbit EVO profile
Species Animal EVO
Body type Rabbit
Unusual features Eyes on jaw
Special abilities Enhanced stamina
Enhanced speed
Enhanced endurance
Further info
First appearance "Operation: Wingman"
Last appearance "Robo Bobo"

A rabbit EVO is a very dangerous, large, mutant rabbit.[1]


Operation: Wingman

A rabbit EVO first appeared near a rural road in the desert. After Rex insulted it, the rabbit started to relentlessly chase after Rex, trying to kill him. Even while in the midst of going on a double date with one of his best friends, Noah, the rabbit still attempted to chase him. After a long night of chasing Rex, it was finally defeated with a heat-seeking missile.[2]

Robo Bobo

Later, a second rabbit EVO was captured and added to the ranks of the Petting Zoo. After Dr. Holiday spent time with the EVO and conducted research, it is later revealed that the cause of the rabbit's earlier rampage was that it was a starving pregnant mother about to give birth. She, her children, and the other inhabitants of the Petting Zoo nearly escaped when Robo Bobo released them as part of the "ultimate practical joke". Their escape was prevented only by the arrival of the real Bobo Haha. This rabbit appeared to have a calmer bond with Dr. Holiday.[3]


Season One

Season Two

Video Games


  • This rabbit EVO has six legs/arms but its offspring have only four.[3]
  • The rabbit EVO seems to be based off the Monty Python and the Holy Grail killer rabbit which was able to fight off and kill four knights with little difficulty.
  • The rabbit EVO appears twice in the game Generator Rex: Agent of Providence. The first time is as the boss of the Amazon level where after a prolonged fight Rex fights it off and releases it back into the Amazon, not killing it because he has other things to attend to at the time. Following this Breach sucks the rabbit into her pocket dimension where Rex fights it again as the mini-boss of the Greenville level.[4]


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