Providence Broiler

Bobo Haha uses the broiler to defend himself.

Gentlemen, say hello to the broiler. Your broiler is your friend. Learn the broiler. Love the broiler. Focused microwave inducer.

Bobo Haha to Providence agents, "The Swarm"

A Providence broiler is a Providence weapon that generates a concentrated beam of microwaved radiation.


Bobo Haha first introduced the weapons to his Providence agents squad, enlightening them about the weapon. The broilers were used in an unsuccessful attempt to destroy a swarm of Lomitle and were later adapted to spray the Lomitle's chemical tag to make them cannibalize themselves. [1]

The weapon was used again when Black Knight ambushed The Plant and attacked Rex and his friends. When Bobo and Doctor Holiday were cornered, Bobo equipped the broiler from a compartment in the base. He used the weapon to overpower the other agents but he missed and shot the ceiling and got himself thrown back.[2]


Season One

Season Three


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