Six uses Providence binoculars

Agent Six used his pair of binoculars when it was extremely dangerous to be up close.

Providence binoculars are a pair of mirror-symmetric telescopes used by operatives of Providence. This version of binoculars appears to have special features, such as night vision.


Agent Six first used his binoculars to look for a path that could make them safely escape through the cluttered streets of EVOs in the Bug Jar.[1]

When the lomitle takeover was happening in Beijing, China, there was a plan executed on the swarm of EVOs to guarantee their defeat. As all agents had to clear out for safety, Six used the binoculars to get a better view at what was happening from afar..[2]

While in the Sonoran Desert at night, Rex used his binoculars to get a better view of the inside of a dark cave that was seemingly miles away from where he was. However, he had a different variation that could even out light, similar to night vision.[3]

One occasion, Doctor Holiday used it during a drive to infiltrate Providence headquarters after it had undergone Black Knight's administration.[4]


  • Rex's binocular's are the only ones that have night vision.[3]


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