The tank's machine gun firing at an EVO

The Providence assault vehicle is the main ground vehicle used by Providence agents.


Despite its appearance, the vehicle is not like a common tank, notably because of its design and firepower. The assault vehicle can carry various passengers or even smaller vehicles such as the Providence stealth cycle.[1]

The upper right and left sides of the assault vehicle have integrated weapons similar to rail guns or machine guns powered by a ram accelerator, capable of firing projectiles at tremendous speeds that could kill a human in seconds, yet is not enough to harm most of the EVOs the agents encounter. The vehicle also has two missile launchers, both on the right and left sides of the vehicle.

The top speed of the vehicle is slow, mostly because it is heavy and its main purpose is for defense rather than offense.[2][3] The vehicle has an aperture on its roof from where at least one agent can fire a weapon. Although the vehicle is capable of withstanding great damage, it can be easily tossed or destroyed by sufficiently strong EVOs, such as the Multi-faced EVO[4]


Assault vehicle fusion fall

An assault vehicle in FusionFall.

  • Before Providence was fully established, the first customized assault tank was seen driven by Agent Six and White Knight. The words "BIG HURT" were spray-painted on the front.[5]


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