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Providence Defect Group
White Rex Six Holiday Bobo Back In Black


White Knight

Notable members

Rex Salazar
Rebecca Holiday
Agent Six
Bobo Haha


The Plant


 ·Defect against Providence's new system (completed)
 ·Collect all five Meta-Nanites before Providence does

The Providence defect group was created in response to White Knight's eviction from the leadership of Providence after the loss of Rex Salazar when he was sent through time by Breach. The group makes a base in a dam near a city, which encloses a large amount of prototype technology, including a folding-wing jet and a Mobile command center.[1]



As mentioned by Black Knight, after Rex was sent months into the future by Breach, his disappearance from Providence worried Doctor Holiday and Agent Six, forcing them to search relentlessly until they found him. However, Black Knight said that White Knight had attempted a hostile takeover, making his place be replaced by her.[2] After Rex was rescued by Providence, he tried to escape. Later, he was attacked by two unknown Providence agents and taken to safety. Shortly afterward, it was revealed to be Holiday and Six who were more than happy to see him alive. White Knight mentioned that their true reason behind their party was to revolt against the new Providence ways, which had been corrupted.


After many unfortunate events, the team had struggled with temporary alliances with Providence and Black Knight. The group then realized that they had two major goals: retrieving the Meta-Nanites[3] and stopping Providence from resuming the Nanite Project.[4] It is stated that their secondary goal was to take out or overthrow Black Knight and the Consortium.[3] [5]


After the fight with Black Knight and the Consortium who had received powers of the Meta-Nanites, White Knight retook Providence and saved Rex. The Providence Defect Group was later disbanded when Rex and the other members of the defect group returned to Providence.


Current members


  • Noah Nixon - A close friend of Rex Salazar.[3]
  • Captain Calan - An inside man in Providence with several agents still loyal to White Knight.[3]
  • Fitzy Feakins - A new added ally to the team because of his abilities. Currently stationed undercover in an ice cream truck.[7]
  • Circe - Rex's friend and love interest.[5]

Temporary members

  • Ben Tennyson - Stumbled upon the team accidentally through a dimensional rift; later helped to stop Alpha. However, he returned to his home universe.[8]
  • Gwen Tennyson (comics only) - She helped Rex and Bobo in Ben's universe to stop The Pack from obtaining the Promethium.
  • Kevin Levin (comics only) - He helped Rex and Bobo in Ben's universe to stop The Pack from obtaining the Promethium.
  • Biowulf - He helped Rex in Abysus to battle Providence from taking the Meta-Nanite.
  • Skalamander - Helped Rex in Abysus, but was later captured by Providence.


  • Caesar Salazar - Brother of Rex Salazar. He stayed at Providence to work on his goal of fixing the nanites. He helps the group when needed.



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