Who would have thought the kinder, gentler approach would do such wonders for our profile. The notion of a cure has gotten Providence funding and worldwide prestige. The committee's happy.

White Knight, "Promises, Promises"

Providence headquarters
Leader(s) White Knight
Black Knight (formerly)
Notable members Rex Salazar
Agent Six
Caesar Salazar (main researcher)
Doctor Holiday
Headquarters Providence Headquarters
Purpose To cure, contain, or kill EVOs
Range of operation Global

Providence is a clandestine military organization that was created in response to the Nanite Event. Under White Knight's leadership, Providence's primary function was to cure, contain or kill hostile EVOs. After White Knight was removed the organization focused on the capture and control of EVOs using Caesar Salazar's technology with Black Knight as its leader. White Knight later reclaimed his position as leader of Providence.

Providence is very secretive about its actions, especially in the case of Rex.[1] The organization views Rex as their secret weapon in the war against EVOs.



Providence agents.

Founded in collaboration by the governments of the world in response to the Nanite Event, Providence uses its army to combat the EVO threat. This army is made up of thousands of loyal soldiers willing to risk their lives for the cause.[2]

The organization was once run and funded by the Consortium, a group of wealthy and powerful individuals involved in the fields of international finance and business. The committee typically appoints a leader to control Providence on a daily basis, despite the group retaining its ownership and true objectives.

When Providence was first starting out, the organization's primary method of dealing with EVOs was to kill or capture them. Even EVOs that they captured were only held long enough to be experimented on and dissected for study. After Agent Six discovered Rex, an EVO with the ability to cure other EVOs, Providence eventually adopted their current way of handling EVOs: curing them when they can, containing them when necessary, and only killing them as a last resort.

The organization also began to receive greater funding from the world's governments due to this non-violent approach.[3] However, White Knight would still occasionally order his troops to take lethal action against EVOs, but only in extremely dire situations.[4][2] Following the six month time-skip, Providence underwent several changes due to White Knight's removal and replacement by Black Knight as leader.

The organization began to focus on the capture and control of EVOs using Caesar's technology. Control collars and brain-washing machines were also used as weapons against EVOs through the implementation of devices that shoot the collars like projectiles to ensnare unsuspecting prey. Following Black Knight's appointment, the Consortium took a much stronger hold over Providence's functions.

They focused the bulk of their resources on the task of finding and obtaining five Meta-Nanites, each containing a unique ability that allows the user to control the forces of the universe. Providence also restarted the Nanite Project with Caesar as its new leader, and directed several of their operations towards finding the surviving scientists to aid in the completion of their plans. Van Kleiss, Peter Meechum, and Gabriel Rylander were recruited to work alongside Caesar in the completion of their assignment. The reunited research team was shown to have completed a new nanite generator.

After the fight with Black Knight and the Consortium, who had received powers of the Meta-Nanites, White Knight took over Providence and saved Rex. The Providence Defect Group joined back into Providence. Due to the Consortium gaining the power of the Meta-Nanites and becoming the enemy of Providence,[5] it can be assumed that now, only international governments will provide the funding for the organization.

Threat levels

According to Rex, the lower the threat level, the larger the threat. The threat levels go from five to one, with five being the least and one being the most.

Notable members





Nanite Project

Former members

Bases of operations

  • Providence Headquarters - Main headquarters
  • The Keep - Mobile HQ
  • Paradise (currently destroyed) - Arctic base that existed solely for the purpose of off-loading Rex's nanites
  • Purgatory - South Pacific desert base that exists solely for the purpose of off-loading Rex's nanites and also to replace Paradise.
  • Basic Training - A Providence boot camp located on the very top of a mountain.
  • Space station (currently destroyed) - Providence base located in space, for the purpose of researching nanites
  • Amazonian Base - Providence base located in the country of Mexico.
  • Hong Kong Base - Providence base located in Hong Kong, China, appears to be a prison facility.

Note: Basic Training, Paradise and Purgatory have the same infrastructure.


Most of Providence's vehicles, technology, weapons, and uniforms are white in color, sometimes with shades of gray and black tones. Because of its international funding, Providence is kept up to date on the latest high-tech equipment.[3]





  • The names of some of Providence's facilities might have religious references. For example, the names of the two nanite extraction facilities are Paradise and Purgatory. Paradise is a synonym of Heaven. Purgatory, in the Catholic faith, is the place where people's souls redress their sins in order to go to Heaven. Providence is widely used as the name for several religious organizations and/or cults. In Christianity, the term providence, or Divine Providence, refers to God's direct intervention or manifestations of God's will.
  • In the M. Rex comic series, Providence's logo is depicted as a pyramid with an eye on the top.[6] This symbol also stems from religious iconography and is called "The Eye of Providence." The same symbol appears on U.S. currency.


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