White Knight: Dr. Holiday has managed to keep herself awake using electric neural stimulation. E.V.O.s seemed to be immune to the plague. Which leaves us with only one agent left to deal with this mess.
Rex: (Grunts) This is gonna be a... long day.

Doctor Holiday: I-I don't have a clue about this thing. (Holiday gets shocked) And these shocks won't keep me awake forever.
White Knight: All the reason not to waste any more time!
Rex: She's not wasting time!
Doctor Holiday: No, he's right. We've got 60 hours at best before people start dying of thirst.

White Knight: (after Holiday passes out) That's great. She couldn't stay awake an hour or two more?
Rex: At least she was working on the problem.
White Knight: She's doing her job. Which is what I expect from both of you. Where are you going?
Rex: To Follow Doc's plan. (the door closes) You can stay there and decide if you're good for anything besides yelling at people.

White Knight: If you can't handle this...
Rex: What are you going to do? Shuffle some papers at me? I'm all you've got. So back off!
(Ends the transmission)
White Knight: You are not that special kid. And there is way too much at stake now. White Knight protocol code designation Iron Mace Alpha. Commence systems check. Confirm nanite shielding integrity.

Rex: I can't - I can't do this by myself any more.
'White Knight: (Arriving) You don't have to.

Rex: White Knight out of the office? This really is the end of the world.
White Knight: I'm trying to prevent that.

Rex: (about Knight's armored suit) That wasn't built to fight E.V.O.-s. That was built to fight me!
White Knight: It's for our protection.
Rex: Well, let's see how well it works.

Rex: You've never trusted me.
White Knight: I don't trust anything with nanites.
White Knight: Everything but me.

Rex: Well, here's the update, Knight. Everybody on the planet has nanites. Everybody but you. That makes me normal. YOU'RE the freak.

Rex: (From inside the E.V.O.) What's going on out there? You have to keep it still.
White Knight: Right. Next time, I'll let it kill me.

Doctor Holiday: You got him in time. Still 100% nanite free. I'm surprised you saved him.
Rex: In a weird way, White Knight and I are sort of alike. We're both one-of-a-kind. And that's worth something.
Doctor Holiday: I'm proud of you, Rex. Not just for this, but figuring everything out.
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