Doctor Holiday Gun

Doctor Holiday uses her very own Providence pistol to ward off an EVO larger than her.

Pistols are a firearm weapon that has been used by many individuals and has appeared in many forms in the series. Some pistols have been shown to be more effective than others and shoot bullets or lasers.

Providence pistols

Wade and Beasly fire

Although most EVOs are resistant, Providence agents utilize pistols for their own protection.

Providence pistols, much similar to a regular pistol, are used by Providence agents to inflict damage on their enemies. To cause greater damage, dual pistols can be utilized.

It turned out that Holiday is very skilled with this weapon and has used it occasionally. First, she used dual pistols when in a skirmish with The Pack.[1] She used again it to defeat a large EVO in Abysus that attacked her and her allies. [2] The weapon was also used by Wade and Beasly when they were both trapped in the Bug Jar. Wade was armed with the weapon to sneak attack Agent Six before she knew it was him and used it again to fight in a small EVO war against NoFace.[3]

Bobo's pistols

Bobo using his guns

Bobo can charge up his pistols before firing them powerfully.

These laser pistols are Bobo Haha's primary weapon of choice. He utilizes his laser pistols in almost all of his assigned combat missions. He usually carries them in a backpack-like holster. Bobo's pistols are red, with small scopes running along the sides of them. The pistols fire out a red plasma-like energy.

When in battle, they don't seem to inflict much damage on certain enemies, however, the pistols have the ability to charge their strength before firing and can fire rapid bolts at once. For instance, Lomitle are known for having thick shells and they could only be defeated when Bobo charged his pistols for a couple of seconds,[4] meaning they can be very effective. Bobo also used his laser pistols to obliterate a large piece of debris from crushing Rex by shooting it enough times.[5]

Mouse's pistol

Mouse shoots at Kenwyn

Mouse's gun is capable of electrocuting her target on contact.

Mouses's pistol was a black, non-lethal firearm that shot laser-like beams at her enemies and it inflicted, somewhat greater damage than the average bullet. When coming in contact with her enemies, the weapon would give a terrifying electrocution, capable of knocking them unconscious. Mouse used this weapon to persecute EVOs at a party. However, after she was caught, Kenwyn had confiscated her weapon for herself. Unfortunately, it couldn't hurt AMP when he increased his body mass and strength, implying that it doesn't always work on physically stronger enemies.[6]


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