Season One

String Theory

Peter Meechum: (To Rex) You will join us!

Peter Meechum: Why do you interfere! We must obey! He has her !
Rex : Meechum?
Peter Meechum: He has her!

Peter Meechum: Please! She needs me!

Rex:(To Six and Bobo )I think, I've got him! (to Meechum) Let me cure you!
Peter Meechum: No! This is the only way! 

Peter Meechum: (To Rex) You must submit! He commands it!
Rex: Who's he? Don't you get it? There gonna nuke the bridge! Where's the win in that?
Peter Meechum: You don't understand! I have no chose! He commands it! Or else...
Rex: Or else what? Who is he?
Peter Meechum: Van Kleiss.
Rex: Who is Sarah? Is she who you needed to protect?
Peter Meechum: S-S-Sarah! I have no chose! This is the only way! He took her and I must obey!
Rex: Obeying orders is way over-rated! Trust me! I can help you, but not if we're dead! You need to chill-out now!
Peter Meechum: Why? Why would you help someone like me?
Rex: Because, a person is a person. No matter how screwed-up they are! 
Peter Meechum: Help Me!

Season Three

Mind Games

Peter Meechum: (to Caesar) I have to say, it's all very impressive. Providence has certainly done a lot on last year.
Caesar: And with your help, doctor, we could do more.
Peter Meechum: Where's White Knight ? I should tell him, that I've arrived.
Black knight:I can answer that for you. It's good to have you back, doctor!
Peter Meechum: What happened to White?
Black knight: Just a routine change in command. Nothing to worry about.

Peter Meechum: I have a question. How do you plan to re-create the project without a bio-interface expert?
Caesar: Oh, but we do have one.
Van Kleiss: The string doesn't work, tied up tight, eyes want to cheat, can't cheat, EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER!
(Notices Caesar and Meechum)
Van Kleiss: Peter? No! Can't be! Different time, different me! 
Peter Meechum: Van Kleiss? You brought back that monster?!
Caesar: Of course! He was the original interface programmer, who better?
Peter Meechum: Excuse me a moment.

Peter Meechum: White! What the heck is going on?
White Knight: Peter? Where are you? 
Peter Meechum: I'm at Providence, where are you?
White Knight: Providence? But that's not... I have to go.

Caesar: I know you don't like this, but it's not about us!
Peter Meechum: (About Van Kleiss) Can you do it? Can you control him?
Caesar: Leave Van Kleiss to me.
Peter Meechum: What about Black Knight? I don't like her, Salazar. Never did...
Caesar: Trust me, Peter. When we're finished, the end will justifie the means.
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