Pete Volkov
Pete Volkov
Vital statistics
Name Pete Volkov
Base of operations Space station
Affiliation(s) Providence
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Abilities Genius-level intellect
Allies Dr. Holiday, Dr. Rhodes, Bouvier
Enemies Zag RS
Further info
First appearance "Gravity" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: John DiMaggio
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Pete Volkov is a Russian Providence scientist. He worked alongside Dr. Holiday, Dr. Rhodes, and Bouvier in the Providence's space station with the Providence research team to find a way to deactivate nanites. He, Rex and Holiday tried to escape Zag RS after hijacking the ship. In the end, they survived and landed with an escape pod.[1]


Pete Volkov cooperated with a team of scientists with Bouvier and Dr. Rhodes under the leadership of Dr. Holiday. They were finding a way to stabilize and deactivate nanites. The studied nanites were failing and explode, the group were disappointing. However, it was soon revealed that Zag RS had been hacking the system. The team set a plan to go erase Zag RS from their systems. When Dr. Holiday and Dr. Rhodes running to shut down the satellite's systems, he warned Bouvier not to escape in an escape pod, unfortunately he didn't comply. In the end Bouvier's pod collided with one of the satellite's solar panels, thus throwing the station into an orbital decay.

When Rex arrived to the rescue, he went cynical towards him. He viewed Rex as an agent who always used destruction, while he preferred the precision as a solution. However, he trusted Dr. Holiday's judgement and decided to trust him. Together, they defeated Zag RS and succeed destabilizing the station, though they ended up sacrificing the nanites. The episode ends with he, Rex and Dr. Holiday in an escape pod in the middle of the ocean. He reported the machine at the escape pod, and they were waiting pickup from Providence.[1]


Season One


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