Captain Calan: (to Rex and Noah) you actually want me to let you fly the Keep (Both teens nod their heads) Argh... only until the next course change... And nothing fancy!

Rex: (Getting in the Pilot's seat) All right! Let's see what this baby can really do! (an alarm goes off) Wha? It wasn't me. Seriously!

Captain Calan: (to Doctor Holiday) Doc, if you excuse me.

Bobo Haha: (After firing a large weapon) You see what you get? That's what happens when you interrupt my nap. BOBO GETS CRANKY! (Bobo presses his attack)
Rex: (to Noah) I learned that the hard way too.

Van Kleiss: You took something very precious from me, Rex. And now I'll be returning the favor.
Rex: If you want my monkey, you can forget it!
Van Kleiss: It might come as a surprise to you that when you stole the nanites that gave me my power, you left some of your own behind. Enough to tell me a few things about what makes you tick.

Bobo Haha: All right, where to?
Rex: South Pacific.
Bobo Haha: That's my boy! And here I thought you tried to pull some hero stuff.
(Slight pause. Bobo realizes where Rex wants to go) Oh brother!

Captain Calan: (to Van Kleiss) what's your game Van Kleiss?!

Rex: Okay. Bobo set this thing to vent and go. If this doesn't work, I don't want you two getting caught in the blast.
Bobo Haha: Nope.
Noah: Forget it! Rex, at least think about this for a second. What if it wipes out your memory? What if it turns you into some kind of E.V.O. monster.
Rex: My friends need me. There's nothing more to think about. Bobo, do it!
Bobo Haha: Long odds pay big!

Rex: (to Van Kleiss) Here's a thought. When your top henchmen can't even get rid of someone by throwing him out of a moving plane, time to rethink the help.

Agent Six: (Rex is using new powers) This is an unexpected surprise.
Rex: Well, by now you should expect the unexpected from me, Six.

White Knight: I use that electromagnet to trap stray nanites. You're lucky it's on the lowest setting. Any higher and it would rip the nanites right out of you.
Biowulf: Then why don't you?
White Knight: Because then I wouldn't be able to do THIS! (Knight kicks Biowulf)

Skalamander: No one can help you. You're all alone now.
Doctor Holiday: Not exactly. (Holiday opens a door) I still have my sister.
(Holiday's sister attacks Skalamander)

Captain Calan: (to Rex after being cured) I don't want to do that again, no sir!

Doctor Holiday: As far as I can tell, you're back to your old self.
Rex: I don't know something feels different. That new build - I think I can do a lot more. It's like I can see the blueprints. I just need to figure out how to put it all together.

Doctor Holiday: White Knight in person. Never thought I'd see the day.
White Knight: Well don't get used to it. We found all the explosives. The base and the Keep will need extensive repairs. This was not our finest hour.
Rex: What are you talking about? We kicked butt! So what if Van Kleiss is back and more powerful than ever. So am I! If he wants to start a nanite war, let him bring it!
White Knight: (Laughs) It's good to have you back, Rex.
Doctor Holiday: You know, I think he actually means it.
Rex: Sure he does. So tell me something guys: what's next? (fade out)
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