Paradise Base
Name Paradise Base
Location Arctic
Visitors Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Bobo Haha, Rebecca Holiday
First appearance "Frostbite" (only appearance)"

Paradise, also known as Paradise base, was a Providence nanite extraction facility located in the Arctic. It was destroyed after being sabotaged by Weaver.[1]


Paradise Explosion

Paradise is destroyed.

As Holiday stated, "Paradise base was created for the sole purpose of offloading Rex's surplus nanites". When Rex found out that the chief technician, Weaver, had been selling Rex's extracted reactivated nanites to Van Kleiss, Rex immediately confronted Weaver. However, Weaver attempted to scare Rex and his team off the base by threatening to vent the nanite tank. When Weaver was unable to shut down the nanite tank, the active nanites that were released caused him to transform into a massive EVO After Paradise base was destroyed by Weaver, a backup facility named Purgatory became the primary base for offloading Rex's surplus nanites.[1]


Nanite chamber

The nanite chamber was where Providence brought Rex to evaluate his nanite overload. The room also housed a nanite tank, a machine used to extract excess nanites from Rex.[1]

Known Paradise members

Frostbite Agents

Paradise base members.


  • Unlike the other Providence bases, Paradise was the only base with a very cold environment.


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