White Knight: Six is still in New Zealand, dealing with a - small problem.
Rex: Oh sure. Let him deal with the small stuff. While I do all the hard work.
White Knight: [to Rex] We don't have time to wait for him. You're going solo.
Bobo Haha: Hey! Where he goes, I go.
White Knight: Like I said - solo.

White Knight: The situation down there is... complex. I need both of you to handle this mission quietly and with diplomacy.
Rex: I can be diplomatic. Oh by the way, you might want to think about switching to low fat, White. Starting to look at little jowly.
Bobo Haha: Better leave the diplomacy to the small one.

Rex: White Knight said to send his regards.
Oso Martelo: Maybe he could come visit sometime. Get some sun. See what it's like on the front lines nowadays. (laughing. Then to Bobo) This must be the monkey. He does tricks? Hello Senior Bobo.
Bobo Haha: (Puts his palm to Oso's mouth) That's Agent Haha to you, buddy.

Rex: (after taking a drink) I don't get what makes it so special.
Oso: It's made from rice that's passed through the digestive system of a monkey.
(Rex spits his drink)

Valentina: For the last time, we don't work for Van Kleiss. The Green Fist fights for E.V.O.s who can't fight for themselves. We set them free. Nothing more.
Bobo Haha: Heh. Just what we need - humans for the ethical treatment of E.V.O-s.
Valentina: (Screams) We were returning them to their natural habitat. What Providence does is wrong! And against the natural order of things. (to Rex) You're a traitor to your own kind!
Rex: That thing you set free, it's natural order is to exterminate mankind. It wanted to kill you. Your men are dying because of it.

Rex: It's doing to me what it's done to Valentina's men. If we don't get the anti-toxin soon, they'll die, and eventually, I will too.

Valentina: Listen, you need me, Providence man. I know that jungle better than anyone. Your big noisy party will alert that E.V.O. You won't get within a mile of it. My men are dying too. Let me free!
Oso: You think I'm just going to let you walk out of here alone?
Rex: No, I'm going too.

Bobo Haha: (to the creature) Hey pal! Didn't anybody tell you the trap's over there?

Valentina: There are things in this jungle stranger than E.V.O.-s - and older than man.
Rex: Well, as long as they stay here, we won't have anymore problems.
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