Oso Maretelo
Vital statistics
Name Oso Maretelo
Base of operations Amazonian Base
Affiliation(s) Providence
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Abilities Hand-to-hand combat
Allies White Knight, Rex, Bobo
Enemies Green Fist
Further info
First appearance "Outpost" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Miguel Sandoval
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You may call me Oso, my friend.

–Oso to Rex, "Outpost"

Agent Oso Maretelo is a South American Providence agent. He escorted Rex and Bobo to their stay and accompanied them on the mission to capture the Green Fist.[1]


When Rex and Bobo flew to South America with the objective of capturing the Green Fist, Oso (an agent assigned to help them) picked them up and brought them to his Providence base. While showing them hordes of EVOs they captured, Oso was attacked by a dangerous one. Rex and Bobo saved him, and he showed them gratitude by taking them out for drinks. After Rex accidentally started a restaurant fight shortly afterward, they were all kicked out of the bar and returned back to their base. The base was then infiltrated by the Green Fist and the EVOs were released. When Rex discovered that the Green Fist leader was Valentina (a woman he had fought at the restaurant), they escaped. Eventually, they were attacked by an EVO that released a venom to them all.

Oso cures Rex

Oso gives Rex the anti-toxin.

When Valentina was captured and brought back to the base, Rex was told that he was poisoned by a venom and that the only way to be cured was by retrieving a blood sample from the EVO that did the attack. The sample would then be sent to Doctor Holiday for it to be synthesized into a cure. When Valentina offered to go with Rex for the sake of her men, Oso cautiously let them go. When they both got the sample, Oso injected Rex and the other Green Fist men. Although Valentina was purposely let go by Rex, he told Oso she escaped. When it was time for Rex and Bobo to leave, Oso gave them his regards.[1]


Oso has a positive, supportive attitude and constantly makes jokes. Even while fighting he makes humorously taunts his opponents. Despite that, Oso takes his job very seriously. He also has an interest in wood carving, shown to have blocks of wood on his desk.


Like most Provident agents, Oso has impressive fighting skills, strength, and endurance that can be quite formidable in battle. When his hands were restrained with bola's, he was strong enough to rip through their holds, following up with a powerful kick at his opponent. [1]


Season Two


  • "Oso" means "bear" in Spanish.


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