One profile
Vital statistics
Name One
Aliases Most dangerous man on the planet
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow
Abilities  ·Enhanced stamina
 ·Enhanced strength
 ·Enhanced agility
Weapons  ·Fangs
Allies Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Dos, Trey, IV, Five
Further info
First appearance "Divide By Six" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Frank Welker
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One was the mentor of the Six and formerly the most dangerous man on the planet. He was imprisoned on an isolated island after going EVO for his own safety.


One turned EVO right after the Nanite Event, but he was strong willed enough to suppress the vicious instincts that awoke within him through meditation. To protect his students and innocent people from his new destructive side, One ordered a cell built for himself in the center of a volcano on a remote island. The cell contained a safety protocol: if One failed to enter the safety code every forty-one minutes, the whole room would collapse into the volcano.

When Rex tried to cure One for the second time, One briefly possessed Rex's body in order to bid farewell to his students. When Six said that he was going to take One home, One replied that he was already home, suggesting that he was with all the people in the world that he cared about. After his death, One bonded with the island and restored its natural balance, becoming one with everything.[1]


Agent Six

Out of all of One's students, Six was shown as being the closest to him. Unlike the rest of the Six, Six was willing to sacrifice his mentor's "freedom" in exchange for the possible cure. One was proud of Six's choice of joining Providence and becoming a hero, even if that meant fewer meetings between them.[1]


Season Two


  • One was one of the first people to go EVO after the Nanite Event.
  • After One died, none of his students were promoted in rank.[1]
  • Although none of his combat prowess is shown, One was shown to have extraordinary will power since he was able to maintain some semblance of his humanity after turning EVO five years ago[1]
  • The safety-code required to be entered every forty-one minutes is semi-coincidental, because you can get forty-one if you work the problem (6x5)+4+(3x2)+1=41.
  • His EVO form is similar to some designs to the DC character Atrocitus.


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