Omega Van Kleiss
Omega Van Kleiss AoP
Vital statistics
Name Omega Van Kleiss
Base of operations Abysus
Affiliation(s) The Pack
Physical description
Gender Male
Abilities  ·Nanite enhanced strength
 ·Nanite enhanced durability
 ·Ability to release energy waves
Weapons Newly-created Omega Nanite
Allies Biowulf, Skalamander, Breach
Enemies Rex Salazar, Bobo Haha, Rebecca Holiday, White Knight, Providence, Circe
Further info
First appearance Generator Rex: Agent of Providence
Images | Quotes
I have all I need now!

–Omega Van Kleiss

Omega Van Kleiss is a boss in Generator Rex: Agent of Providence.


After acquiring all the blueprints, Van Kleiss was able to use them to create his own version of Rex's Omega-1 Nanite. After doing so, it was revealed that he had injected it into his body, where he later fully unleashed it after being defeated by Rex Salazar. He became what is known as the Omega-1 version of Van Kleiss.

When Rex fought against Van Kleiss for the final time, Van Kleiss turned into the Omega version of himself, enlarging his gauntlet to the complete size of his new over-sized arm, growing large flames from his new ghostly-shaped head, two extremely large and mutated wings, and finally an enlarged and deformed body. After Rex defeated him, it is revealed that the newly-produced Omega-1 Nanite created from the blueprints was actually incomplete, due to one piece's corruption thus causing Van Kleiss to eventually return to his original form.[1]


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