Occupy Hong Kong was an important mission commenced by Black Knight. Her main objective was to capture various EVOs in Hong Kong and place them under the control of Providence collars. Her objective for the mission didn't go as planned since Quarry had intervened.


Since Black Knight took control of Providence, she demanded that all EVOs wear collars. Providence was first spotted assaulting Rex's old gang. Circe managed to escape and the others fought off the Providence agents.[1] Black Knight didn't give up when it came to capturing Rex's friends, using them as leverage for Rex. Her agents continued to collar many of the other EVOs and bring them into Providence.

Although the EVOs were captured, Quarry stole the controls for himself and created his own army. Rex stopped him, which resulted in the EVOs being free.[2] Circe, on the other hand, was caught and locked in The Hole.[1]

Captured EVOs


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