Season 1

The Forgotten

NoFace: You are not the before.
Rex: Um, I'm not sure that was a complete sentence.
NoFace: [Looking at the Providence agents] They are the before. The before forgot us. The before left us here. Left us in pain.

Season 2


NoFace: There was one who tormented us. Humiliated us. The grower of machines.
Van Kleiss: Ah Rex. Another thorn we share. My proposal is simple: you control a formidable legion. I, in turn, can provide escape and the vengeance you seek. I can be your liberator. You can be my general. Together we will crush our enemies. Starting with the one you hate most. Now then, are we...
Biowulf: [Entering] Master, I have report.
Van Kleiss: This is a private conversation. Can't you handle the slightest detail without bothering me?
Biowulf: ...Of course, Master. It was nothing.

NoFace: [as Rex is being dragged in] Defiler! Give it to us.
Van Kleiss: Now do you believe I can deliver what I say? Will you agree to my leadership?
NoFace: We agree to it. Give it to us! Now. Now! NOW!
Circe: Van Kleiss, I didn't bring Rex here so you could - he'll kill him.
Van Kleiss: Never forget how I found you, Circe. What you were before. He's yours.

NoFace: Now feel my pain.
Rex: First - a few ground rules. Nothing below the belt and... I have a date on Friday... So easy on the face... Not exactly a problem in your case. Having no face and all.
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