Multi-faced EVO

Multi-faced EVO profile

Multi-faced EVO cured

Vital statistics
Species Human EVO (formerly)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color White (human)
Eye color Black (EVO)
Blue (human)
Further info
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"
Last appearance "Endgame, Part 1" (flashback)
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The Multi-faced EVO was a colossal EVO with many faces covering its body.


Like most EVOs, it was mindless and destructive, causing a lot of collateral damage. Rex initially had trouble defeating it when he thought he might fail in front of Six. The EVO was later cured and revealed to be an old man.[1]


Multi-Faced EVO's ice breath

The Multi-faced EVO breathes ice.

Providing as one of his assets, the EVO stands at a towering scale. The EVO showed great strength and resistance to damage, able to withstand hits from Providence's weapons and Rex's Smack Hands. It was also capable of shooting destructive fire and ice blasts from its mouth. Due to his incredible size, it could generate subsonic sound waves capable of shattering glass.[1]


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Video Games


  • The Multi-faced EVO is the first EVO to appear on the show, not counting Rex himself.[1]
  • Diane Farrah stated that it was one of the largest EVOs since the Nanite Event itself.[1]
  • Unlike most other EVOs, he is cured without his clothes.[1]
    • It's unknown why this is but it's generally accepted that he simply wasn't wearing any when he turned into one.
  • The Multi-faced EVO appears in the Generator Rex: Agent of Providence video game, where it is the boss of the first level. It also makes a cameo during the skydiving level shooting at Rex. However, when Rex cures it, it is a different person and not the old man, and is wearing pants.[2]


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