Mouse profile
Vital statistics
Aliases Mouse
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
Abilities  ·Marksmanship
 ·Science intellect
Weapons Laser pistol
Allies AMP
Enemies Skwydd, Rex Salazar, Kenwyn Jones, Etude, EVOs and humans who mingle
Further info
First appearance "Lost Weekend" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Kath Soucie
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"It's disgraceful what you're doing here, EVOs and humans should not mix!"

–Mouse to Rex and Kenwyn, "Lost Weekend"

Mouse is an unnamed woman who was disguised as an EVO Fooling many with her appearance, she went to an EVO party to cause havoc, believing that humans and EVOs should not socialize.


Once rumors started going around that death threats were being told to other EVOs, Kenwyn and Rex went to investigate for further evidence. To avoid being caught, Mouse shot a witness that Kenwyn and Rex were speaking to. She tried to make a run for it, shooting Rex to slow him down.

Eventually, the team caught up with Mouse and she was captured by Kenwyn. Her mask fell off to reveal a human woman in disguise. She revealed that her ultimate plan was to prove that EVOs and humans shouldn't work together, or be around with each other. She even admitted that she was working with another EVO to prove that it was wrong. She then told them that they had enhanced the other EVOs' abilities to uncontrollable levels to show how incredibly dangerous EVOs could be.

Later on, she revealed that she and her partner planned to blow everyone up by an explosion her partner's EVO abilities would create. She was eventually stopped by Kenwyn and Rex and taken into custody.[1]


Mouse has an apathetic attitude and remains very calm in even disastrous situations. She believes that humans and EVOs should not mingle. However, in trying to keep the two groups separate, she displayed hypocrisy by working with an EVO herself. She constantly uses the word "sweetie" when speaking to her enemies.


Mouse's disguise

Mouse's disguise as an EVO

Despite her age and lifestyle, Mouse is skilled in a few areas. She's a good marksman, formerly wielding a firearm weapon that shot laser-like projectiles of energy. She is also very intelligent, having knowledge of nanites and science. She can also run very quickly, being able to outrun teenagers like Rex and Kenwyn.


Season Two


  • She has been a 9th grade science teacher for 25 years.[1]


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