Motel Kiev

The entrance to Motel Kiev.

Motel Kiev is an old, abandoned, moss covered motel that is in the Bug Jar. It is a place where the memorable skirmish between NoFace and Providence occurred.


It just so happened that NoFace was attacking a Providence crew that consisted of Six, Bobo, Captain Calan, Rex, Beasly, Wade, and two other agents by commanding a whole army of EVOs that resided in the Bug Jar. After escaping his clutches, the team broke into the abandoned motel and took the elevator to the roof to escape the enemies. When the team realized that they were cornered, the group had no choice but to fight back. A large battle took place and much damage was done.[1]


Season One


  • When battling NoFace, Rex had used his big fat sword to saw the letter "O" off of the word "MOTEL" on the building.


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