Moss profile
Vital statistics
Name Moss
Base of operations Garage
Affiliation(s) Biker gang
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Abilities  ·Skilled bike riding
 ·Hand-to-hand combat
Weapons Katana
Allies Rex Salazar, Bobo Haha, Lunk, Lance, Rand, biker gang
Enemies Providence, the local police
Further info
First appearance "Crash and Burn"
Last appearance "Crash and Burn"
Portrayed by: Yuri Lowenthal
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Moss is a teenage biker and a friend of Rex's.


Moss was the leader of a biker gang that frequently held illegal street races, increasing the excitement of the race by attacking each other with a variety of improvised and military-grade weapons. To further the rush of the experience the group bought prototype nanites off of Valve which made them "one with their bikes" at the cost of their health.

Rex Salazar caught wind of their races and use of altered nanites and befriended the bikers for the purpose of finding their supplier, Valve. Rex was brought before Valve and challenged him to a race for his entire supply of nanites. Moss and the gang took Rex to Valve's personal race track, but could not give him any of their weapons because they had none on them.

Nonetheless, Rex was easily able to trounce Valve once he learned that he could use two builds at once. Likewise, Moss and his friends greeted their teammates, Lance and Rand, who had been victims to the full side-effects of the nanites and were just given a full bill of clean health by Doctor Holiday.[1]


Season Three


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