Rex: Wait. Is that Rombauer and Lansky?
Providence agent: You've seen their commercial?
Rex: No. I knew them from - wait. They have a commercial?
Grandma: (Handing money to Rombauer and Lansky) Here you go.
Rex: And they get paid?... I am seriously going about this job the wrong way!

Rex: (to Rombauer and Lansky) Look, Providence has done a lot for me. Maybe not money or sandwiches. But I'm important there.
Doctor Holiday: (Over Rex's earpiece) Rex, when you get back. I need you in the Zoo. The auto-feeder flooded it with monkey chow - again.
Rex: (Turns off the communicator) I'm sorry. You were saying?

Rex: It's got my communicator. We have to stop it!
Rombauer: Uh uh. We have to help our clients. And right now, there's an E.V.O parrot in Park Slope telling some really nasty "Yo Mama" jokes.
Rombauer: So now you're too good for the work we do? That's fine! Because we were better off without you.
Rex: WHAT? Your business is booming. Thanks to me.
Rombauer: Exactly. My business - I mean our business - mine and Lansky's! And then you show up. First you steal our thunder. And now you're telling us what to do. If we wanted to be a couple of nobody-s getting bossed around, we'd go back to Providence!
Lansky: Yeah! - Except Providence said they'd never take us back.

Rex: Rex to Providence. There's a funky foot fungus eating Brooklyn!
Agent Six: We noticed. That kind of thing tends to get our attention.

Doctor Holiday: There's a chance it can be taken out from your location.
Rex: That's supposed to be good news?
Agent Six: Yes! Here's the bad: there's a layer of oxidized fungus between you and the rest of us. You're going to have to do this alone.
Rex: I'm not alone...
(Seeing Rombauer and Lansky returned)
Rombauer: Let's get one thing straight. We're not here to save the day. We're only care about our company. And you're part of our company!
Lansky: Also when we came back down here, we couldn't get out when we changed our mind.
Rombauer: Okay, that too. But mostly what I said.

Lansky: Rombauer, are you okey? Did it hit your heart?
Rombauer: Worse, My wallet
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