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Season 2, Episode 10
Air date April 15, 2011
Written by Scott Sonneborn
Directed by Chris Graham
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"Moonlighting" is the tenth episode of season two of Generator Rex and the 31st of the overall series. It debuted on April 15, 2011.


Rex is fighting a massive EVO on Coney Island. When he finally captures it, he discovers that there was another, small goldfish-like EVO on the island that was captured by a pair of Providence washouts named Rombauer and Lansky.

At Providence, Agent Six explains that after Rombauer and Lansky washed out, they started up a business catching small EVOs called the "EVO Guys". Since Providence can't catch every EVO out there. These two lend a hand so he's not complaining.

Rex on the other hand is concerned for their safety. When he goes to talk to them they are already in the middle of fighting a Frog EVO, which gets away. Rex decides to start working with them, if for nothing else than to get away from Providence for a little while. However, Rex is so good at this job he completely overshadows the others.

The final straw comes when Rex tries to go after the Frog EVO when the others are hired to deal with another EVO. Rombauer and Lansky move on while Rex fights the toad. Providence arrives above ground and explains to Rex that the EVO is mass producing a highly corrosive fungus that crystallizes and becomes nearly indestructible if exposed to bright light.

Rombauer and Lansky ultimately decide to help Rex and are able to capture the toad by shining their flashlight on it, trapping it in its own crystal. On the surface the crystal begins to break up and Providence takes away the EVO. Rombauer and Lansky make up with Rex and ultimately decide that they prefer taking down the less dangerous EVOs of New York while Providence handles the more serious ones.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Daryl Sabara Rex Salazar
Phil LaMarr Rombauer
Carlos Alazraqui Lansky
Old man (debut)
Wally Kurth Agent Six
Grey DeLisle Doctor Holiday
Isabella (debut)
House wife (debut)
Marion Ross Grandma


  • In parts of the episode, the song "Sing Along" by The Safes can be heard playing in the background.

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