Pre-EVO form - EVO form

Mongo profile

Vital statistics
Name Mongo
Species Mongoose EVO (cured)
Physical description
Hair color Brown (fur)
Eye color Yellow (formerly)
Abilities Size alteration (formerly)
Further info
First appearance "Phantom of the Soap Opera"
Last appearance "Black and White"
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Mongo is a trained brown circus mongoose and is dressed with a purple vest. When it was an EVO it caused havoc in the television studio where Noah worked.[1]


It once had a solo show called Mongo which was canceled and replaced by El Amor De La Pasión El Amor. The property along with the equipment were abandoned. At some point Mongo was turned into an EVO and became vengeful toward the soap opera. When it succeeded in harming one of them, Rex came looking for it. Upon realizing that it wanted its show back, Rex tried to cure it. Mongo refused and then tried to attack Rex in the process. It went out rampaging the studio in various sizes, constantly hunting Rex. Mongo was later cured and became tamer.[1]


It had the ability to re-size its body depending on the situation. When it needed to flee, Mongo could shrink down and squeeze out from Rex's clutches. When it needed to defend itself, Mongo could grow to a colossal height.


Season Three


  • His television series appears to be back on air.[2]


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