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Mia Moore
Mia bio
Vital statistics
Name Mia Moore
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Green
Abilities Skilled actress
Weapons Pepper spray
Relatives Darcy (assistant)

Simon Babbage (lover)

Further info
First appearance M. Rex – Issue 1
Last appearance M. Rex – Issue 2
See also M. Rex
Images | Quotes
God, I LOVE being me.

–Mia about herself, M. Rex issue #2

Mia Moore is a famous, wealthy actress who meets Rex accidentally on an exclusive prom voyage.


Nothing is known about Mia's past except that she had a hard time with her boyfriend Crawleth (whom Darcy calls "He-whose-name-I-dare-not-speak").


Mia is depicted as a stereotypical female celebrity: good looking but very naive. She believes that everything can be achieved with money and a nice body.

She seems to be a little bit of a narcissist, but once confronted with a life of the others, Mia tries to help in her own way.

Physical appearance

Mia is a tall, young woman with long red hair and a slim figure.


  • Mia appeared only in the M. Rex comic series and doesn't have a TV series counterpart.


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