McKelly profile
Vital statistics
Name McKelly
Affiliation(s) Skaters
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark
Allies Dunky, Beagle, Shades
Enemies Rex Salazar, Noah Nixon
Further info
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"
Last appearance "Grounded"
Portrayed by: Joe Kelly
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McKelly is a trouble making teenager. He is known for his friendship with his gang.


When McKelly and his friends first met Rex, they were freaked out at the fact that he was an EVO However, once he demonstrated his powers, they sought to use him for their immoral deeds. When Rex refused, they left him.[1]

To Rex's dismay, McKelly, including his friends, reappeared at Providence when Rex planned on throwing a party. However, the Jungle Cat caused much havoc, frightening them.[2]


Like his friends, McKelly is a troublemaker. He is sarcastic and has a somewhat rude personality. When trying to make a better alternative for most problems, he will only think of worse ones. If the problem is too much to handle, he gives up easily.


Season One

Season Two



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