Body type Insect
Special abilities  ·Metal consumption
Further info
First appearance "The Swarm" (only appearance)

Lomitle are an EVO mixture of locust, termite, and beetle that emerged from underground China. They eat metal in a locust-like fashion and reproduce via binary fission (when they are smashed and broken up, the parts regenerate into multiple creatures).[1]


The Lomitle carved a path of destruction through China towards Beijing (the world's largest metal deposit) and Providence's strategy of hitting hard and fast only accelerated their reproduction. Thus, Providence switched to a plan engineered by Dr. Holiday: get a sample of their trail pheromone (a type of pheromone used by hive mentality insects to mark food sources), mass produce it, and spray all of the Lomitle with it. This would make them believe that each other were food and cause them to rapidly cannibalize each other. Aside from the Lomitle nearly killing Rex while he retrieved a sample of the pheromone, the plan went off without a hitch.[1]


Season One


  • It would be physically impossible for the Lomitle to eat one another and not leave one of them; this implies that either Providence was able to capture the last Lomitle and put it into lockup, or it was wounded enough that it died.
  • The shell of the Lomitle is so hard that even Six's magna blades can't slice through it.


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