Season 1, Episode 4
Spider EVO
Air date May 14, 2010
Written by Scott Sonneborn
Directed by Sam Montes
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"Lockdown" is the fourth episode of season one of Generator Rex and the fourth of the overall series. It debuted on May 14, 2010.


Providence is in lockdown when a dangerous EVO escapes, but when Noah admits a startling secret to Rex, he loses his cool - and his powers!


Noah is brought to Providence to give White Knight an update on his progress with Rex, which is non-existent. Rex stumbles upon Agent Six escorting Noah out of the base. To avoid blowing Noah's cover, Six tells Rex that he brought Noah to the base to keep Rex company. Rex decides to give Noah the grand tour of the base, including introducing him to Doctor Holiday and showing him around the Petting Zoo.

While investigating the mysterious bunker at the center of the Petting Zoo known as "The Hole," Rex and Noah stumble onto a formidable spider-like EVO and accidentally free it. After Dr. Holiday locks the area down, Rex and Noah must make it to the exit alive to lift the lockdown and escape the zoo while being hunted by its EVO residents.

A panicky Noah lets slip that he works for White Knight, which rattles Rex sufficiently that he loses control of his powers. The two manage to make it to the exit, but while Noah apologizes for his deception, the friendship seems to be over. However, after the spider snatches Noah from the threshold of safety, Rex's feeling of betrayal subsides, and he proceeds to defeat the EVO and rescue Noah, regaining control over his powers in the process. Later, the EVO is revealed to be Dr. Holiday's incurable sister. Rex threatens to harm White Knight if he is spied upon again and resolves to leave Providence for a short amount of time.


Voice actor Role(s)
Daryl Sabara Rex Salazar
Wally Kurth Agent Six
Fred Savage Noah
Sit-Ops tech (debut)
Grey DeLisle Rebecca Holiday
John DiMaggio Bobo Haha
J. K. Simmons White Knight
Dee Bradley Baker Foul Mouth (debut)
Stork EVO (debut)
Non-speaking role(s)
Spider EVO (debut)
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