Little Girl (Slug EVO)
Little Girl (Slug EVO) profile
Vital statistics
Name Little Girl (Slug EVO)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Allies Breach
Enemies Rex
Further info
First appearance "Breach" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Grey DeLisle
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Little Girl (Slug EVO) is a girl who resided in the city of Greenville, Ohio within Breach's pocket dimension. Later, it is revealed that she is an EVO[1]


Prior to Rex's arrival in the city, the girl had been Breach's "favorite". Her sole job was to keep Breach happy, fighting at her request and keeping everything organized according to Breach's standards. Like Breach, she became uneasy when her "toys" were "broken" (i.e., cured or defeated in battle) against her master's will, although this was probably a result of fearing to displease her master.

In confinement, Breach stated that she had chosen Rex over the girl to be her "new favorite" due to the fact that the "other one" was old, and she found Rex to be a better EVO Furious and jealous of Rex for Breach's favoritism, the girl transformed and attacked him, to the extent that she attempted to consume him.

She was last seen moments before Breach imploded after Rex's departure, telling Breach that she could fix what Rex had broken, then shouting at him for ruining what had been "perfect."[1]


Season One


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