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Rex Salazar : (a woman disappears after being cured) Okaaay, what just happened?
Little Girl: That one was broken, and she always gets rid of the broken ones.

:Rex: Is there anyone else here?
Little Girl: Just the monsters. Sometimes we get ice-cream, if we behave.
Rex: Hey! Just like summer camp, huh?
[The little girl stares blankly at him]

Little Girl: (About the E.V.O.s that Breach sent to Holiday) They were broken. She doesn't like broken things. She sends them away.

:Doctor Holiday: (Over com-link) Did you hear that, Rex?
Rex: Sweet. I always wanted to be some psycho girl's favorite toy.
Little Girl: I'm her favorite! You take that back!
Rex: Your not from around here, are you?
Little Girl: She talkes to me. I'm her friend. Everything was perfect until you came. [Changes into her slug E.V.O. form]

Slug E.V.O.: I can't let you be her favourite!
Rex: Hey, I won't hold you back.
Slug E.V.O.: (To Breach) You don't need him! I make things just how you want. I fight the other toys, just how you like!

Slug E.V.O.: I'll fix everything. (To Breach) I can make you happy! I can be your favourite! (Turns to Rex) You ruined everything! [Grabs him] She'll hate me!!
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