Providence agents are standing in an industrial area, fingers on triggers. Rex flies in on jet pack and lands beside all the agents.
Rex Any sign? [Rex notices agents shaking in fear.] Alright then, who’s up for a burger, anyone? Tough crowd.
Six walks up.
Six These agents seem nervous. Haven’t they dealt with this situation before?
Rex Yeah, that's kind of the problem.
Rex twitches, as if he is feeling Breach's presence.
Providence agent Here she comes.
Breach appears in front of them. They fire at her. She sends their missiles and agents away with red portals.
Six How do we stop her?
Rex [Smack Hands.] Hit hard and keep clear of anything that glows.
Breach has a collar around her neck like the one Van Kleiss wears, and a device on her chest like his only much larger and shackles are around her giant hands which look like Van Kleiss's bio-mechanical wrist. She opens a red portal. A giant jellyfish-like thing flies out at Six, then a large creature with a horn on its nose runs out. Rex jumps at Breach, she portals out, returns and the device on her chest starts sparking.
Rex What's with the new toy, Breach?
Breach [Glares.] Wouldn’t you like to know?
T-Rex appears through a gold colored portal, sniffs Rex.
Rex Seriously, where do you find these things? Let's see what you started out as, big guy. [Tries to cure.] Six? This... this isn't an EVO! It's an actual T-Rex! ...Six?
Intro theme song.
Rex runs from T-Rex.
Breach Have fun. [Leaves through red portal.]
Rex hides behind light pole, T-Rex pulls pole from ground, Rex falls to the ground.
Six I take it this sort of thing doesn't happen all the time?
Rex Try never? This is all kinds of wrong.
Rex makes BFS, runs at T-Rex; Six runs at T-Rex, jumps on and stabs it in back.
Holiday Is that what I think it is?
Six You mean about to be extinct?
Holiday If you destroy the scientific find of a lifetime, it won’t be the only thing.
Rex It's trying to eat us.
Six You heard the lady. Take it down soft.
Rex Easy for you to say. [Rex lies on the ground holding the jaws open with Smack Hands and it slobbers on him.]
Scene change.
Video of T-Rex in confinement field. The T-Rex turns to dust.
White Knight Breach is powerful enough as it is, and now you're telling me she can travel through time?
Holiday However she's doing it, I haven't worked out all the kinks yet. That dinosaur reverted to its actual age about less than two hours after arrival.
Caesar Photo and deep scan analysis reveals some very interesting technology at work here. Van Kleiss has really stepped up his game.
White Knight Skip the fan talk. How do we stop it?
Caesar Until I get my hands on the device, I'm not certain we can.
White Knight We have to bring her to our side.
Rex The only way she's coming here is if she does it willingly.
White Knight How do YOU propose we persuade her?
Rex With me. [Six and Holiday stare at him skeptically.] I can be very convincing. Okay, okay. I think she might still have a thing for me.
Bobo Atta boy, work it on the crazy chick.
White Knight I don't care how we do it as long as we get results. Providence is under the microscope. It is the worst time for Van Kleiss to gain the upper hand. Get to it. Bring her in.
Six and Holiday walking out of the room together down the hall.
Six [To Holiday.] I need a word. Something's wrong with White.
Holiday Oh. That. He’s always like this Six.
Six No. This is different. I know when something is bothering him. The secret meetings, the anxiety. He’s up to something.
Holiday I'll see what I can find out.
Scene change.
Rex on hoverboard, in Providence stealth suit.
Rex Yahoo! Works pretty good. After all, I built it. [Loses control of board for a moment.]
Scene change.
Van Kleiss's castle, Rex hiding by entrance.
Rex Going in. [Pulls up stealth mask, disappears partly, runs past guard.]
Scene change.
Breach is hooked up to a large machine. Van Kleiss stands before her with a huge bank of controls and displays, spooky dark lighting. She screams.
Van Kleiss This is unacceptable, Breach. I need you to concentrate.
Breach It hurts.
Van Kleiss increases power on a console.
Van Kleiss Think of what I'm trying to achieve here. I cannot fail.
Breach screams in pain.
Rex looks down horrified, Van Kleiss grins, Breach screams and falls down.
Van Kleiss I will return when it recharges and we will start again.
Rex holds his hand out to her.
Rex Why do you let him do this to you?
Breach Glory.
Rex Van Kleiss's glory. Is he even noticing how you're tearing yourself apart for him? Have you ever heard him say thank you? What do you say we blow this joint, you and me? He's hurting you.
Breach It's not real. It can't hurt you if it isn't real.
Rex Breach, look at me. It is. I'm real, all of this is real. You don't have to live this way.
Van Kleiss Why am I not surprised. Rex has come to rescue another of my lost sheep. Perhaps he'll try to save you next, Biowulf.
Rex That depends. Is he housebroken yet?
Biowulf I am no traitor.
Van Kleiss You’ve no doubt seen our little experiment. Breach shows great promise. She just needs a little fine tuning.
Rex Then what? Go back in time and be king of the cavemen?
Van Kleiss Why not? It wouldn’t be much of a step down, now would it? Breach, if you would, remove our guest so we can continue. Practice makes perfect, or in your case, acceptable.
Breach makes a red portal.
Rex Breach! Think about what you're doing.
Van Kleiss grins, she runs and puts her arms around Rex, portals out with Rex.
Van Kleiss Find her. Now.
Mountains, snow, Rex shivering.
Rex I'm glad you got us out of there, but where…are we?
Breach When the snow is gone you can see forever.
Rex That's nice. Can we go now?
Breach I need to know if I can trust you.
Rex You can trust me. I swear.
Breach grabs his hand and hugs him. He opens his eyes. They are standing on a shiny endless reflective surface, reflecting stars.
Rex This is different.
Breach Do you see it?
Rex Um...
Breach This is where the stillness comes from.
Rex You. Are weird. So what exactly does this mean? Are you coming with me or is this some kind of test?
Breach I need you to see it.
Rex Ah…a test.
Breach Do you wanna understand?
Rex Not exactly sure. [She glares, he waves his hands in front of him.] Yes, I mean yes. I mean...
Breach Follow me. [Walks through red portal.]
Another place. A door, a doll, a bear and a fire hydrant float in space.
Rex hanging upside down, she is holding him by his ankle above a swirling pink vortex.
Rex Ahh! What happened? I thought we were getting along fine!
Breach Why are you here?
Rex Good question. Where exactly is here? Can we go somewhere else now, somewhere like, on Earth?
She drops him. He screams and lands on the floor between some stacks of books.
Rex You sure know how to pick 'em. What kind of tripped out dimension is this? [Librarian walks by and shushes him.] Oh. College.
White Knight [On communicator in Rex's right ear.] Rex, report. Where on earth have you been?
Rex Apparently every place but.
White Knight I need to know you can handle this otherwise we're going to try a different approach.
Rex You need to chill out, White. I’m making progress. [Rex puts his hand to his left ear.] Dr. Holiday, are you there?
Holiday Tracking shows you’re with Breach. Are you okay?
Rex Fine? Creeped out but fine. I can't bring Breach back to Providence, White would just lock her up and that won't help.
Holiday Where will you take her?
Rex I'll think of something. Just keep White Knight off my case.
Breach appears behind him.
Rex Why don't you let me pick out where we go next?
Scene change.
White Knight hands folded moving nervously.
White Knight He says he's making progress.
Voice [Like the voice of Black Knight?] The committee is losing confidence. They want results, not excuses.
White Knight Then that's exactly what they’ll get.
Scene change. Rex sits across from Breach in a booth at a bowling alley.
Rex Soooo, don't like bowling, huh? I figured with the extra arms you'd be a natural.
Breach I'm not supposed to like you, but I do.
Rex [Smiles.] We're teenagers. At least assuming you are. Doing what we are not supposed to is part of the job. French fry?
She takes it and then drops it.
Rex Do you remember anything? From before you...changed?
Breach I remember everything. And nothing.
Rex Naturally. Why did I even bother to ask. Listen, Breach. I'm not going to pretend I understand you, [Puts his hand on her giant hand] but I can help. If you let me.
The machine starts to glow, they jump to their feet, other people look startled.
Rex Nothing to worry about. Everything's fine.
Breach I can't, I can't stop it.
Rex Let me try. [He tries and it knocks him onto the floor sparking.]
Breach Van Kleiss has control. They're coming.
Van Kleiss busts through the door with The Pack following. Raises bio-mechanical hand, palm of it glows, device on Breach's chest turns off.
Rex Okay, do your thing. Get us out of here. Anywhere.
She tries.
Van Kleiss You can't take what doesn't belong to you.
Rex I didn't take you for the jealous type. [Rex shoots bowling balls at Van Kleiss with his cannon, hits Biowulf and Skalamander in the face and Van Kleiss punches the balls aside with his bio-mechanical hand.]
Rex Breach, let's go!
Breach rides off with Rex on hoverboard, Van Kleiss and Pack follow on three flying fish EVO's with harnesses and big teeth. They dodge and crash Van Kleiss into a window, and land in a park.
Breach and Rex stand together on a footbridge looking down into the water.
Breach [Walks to bridge and looks at her reflection, Rex follows.] Will they hurt me?
Rex Providence? Not if I can help it.
Breach They did before. Ms. Smarty Pants—she likes to hurt me.
Rex I'll give you my word, if you come back to Providence, I promise no one will hurt you.
Breach We can be together forever and ever. [She walks off bridge, ducks swimming in water.]
Rex Uh... something like that. What am I getting myself into?
Rex We gotta move. I bet my brother has already figured out how to turn that thing of yours off.
The ducks fly off, they look and see a reflection in the pond of White Knight's ship.
White Knight walks up followed by Providence fighter planes.
Rex Uh guys, what are you doing?!
White Knight If you can't have something done right, do it yourself.
They shoot at Breach, she screams, Rex is horrified.
Rex No! No no no! [Walks up bridge to White Knight.] Do you have any idea what you just did?
Breach's chest device turns on, she screams, Providence shoots at her.
Rex Is this what you wanted? Congratulations! [Runs to Breach.] Breach! Wait!
Breach Liar! [Throws red portal at Rex, he dodges, second one hits him, he disappears. Providence keeps shooting, she throw portals, drops three soldiers in water.]
White Knight Agent Six!
He jumps at her, she portals him away to behind Knight. Rex jumps from the water onto the bridge by Knight.
Rex You had no intention to bring her in, did you?
White Knight I wanted to believe you Rex, but this is too important. She can't be controlled.
Rex Control... Her powers are back on. Van Kleiss.
Van Kleiss arrives on flying fish EVO.
Van Kleiss Settle down, Breach.
Chest device turns off.
Rex Let me do this. I can get through to her. Come on. It couldn't get any worse than you've already made it
Knight and Six look at each other.
White Knight Form a perimeter around Breach. Van Kleiss isn't to touch her.
A rock wall rises from the ground blocking Rex as he runs towards Breach. The Pack jumps down from wall to attack Rex, Six intervenes. Agents surround Breach, she tries and fails to make red portal. Screams. Van Kleiss flies in on fish, knocks down agents with bio-mechanical whip arm, shoots needles from fingers and knocks more down, fish knocks the rest down. White Knight shoots at Van Kleiss.
Van Kleiss If you had any idea what I was trying to do you might even welcome it.
White Knight Enlighten me.
Van Kleiss touches a tree and it turns into an EVO. EVO tree catches and holds White. Six and Biowulf fight, Rex and Skalamander fight.
Van Kleiss Enlighten you? [Sticks his claws in White Knight, glowing White Knight screams.] All in good time White Knight, assuming you have some left.
Six throws a magnablade through Van Kleiss's bio-mechanical arm and he lets go of White.
Six [To White Knight.] Go. I mean it. [White Knight flies off.]
Six The name's Six.
Van Kleiss We've met.
Six Don't remember. [They fight.]
Breach on merry-go-round, turning slowly looking at the sky.
Rex You're just using her.
Van Kleiss Of course I am. She knows it. Spare me the chivalry, Rex. Providence would do the same.
Rex Either way you slice it, she loses!
Breach [To herself.] My two favorites. You both lie. Neither is real.
Rex [Goes to her.] Breach, I'm sorry. I meant what I said.
Van Kleiss Words mean nothing.
Rex Then let this do the talking. [Turns on her machine, puts it into her power.]
Van Kleiss [Laughs.] You just handed her a loaded gun.
Rex And now it's her choice how to use it.
Van Kleiss Oh if only I had the chance to get through to you Rex, to teach you how the world really works.
Breach steps in front of Van Kleiss, raises her arms as if to send Rex away. Makes huge yellow portal above them.
Van Kleiss Our very first time traveler. You should be honored. Now Breach, if you wouldn't mind. [Evil laughter.]
Rex closes his eyes. Breach sends Van Kleiss away with yellow portal.
Rex That was...unexpected.
Rex tries to turn machine off but fails.
Rex It won't turn off. I'm sorry. I, I didn't know.
Breach Van Kleiss made it like this so I wouldn't send him away.
Rex That didn't work out so well did it?
Rex Six, get everyone out of here now! [A big yellow dome forms around the playground where Rex and Breach stand.]
Rex So, what's going to happen?
Breach [She looks up.] I don't know if any of this was real, but it was nice having a friend for awhile. [She hugs him, he hugs back, they both disappear into yellow portal leaving empty playground. Rex opens his eyes and she's no longer in his arms and he is in a desert place.]
Rex I didn't get blown up. [Sees a lizard.] Whoa! [Jumps away, startled.] Oh no, please don't let this be dino time. [Touches earpiece in left ear.] Rex to Providence, do you copy? [Takes earpiece out and looks at it.] Oh... Rex to Providence, you better be there.
Providence Uh... we copy, Rex. We have a lock on your coordinates and are sending a jump jet.
Rex Is Six okay? Breach went supernova.
Providence Someone's on the way, just hold tight. Providence out.
Scene change, Rex lying on the ground.
Rex Took you long enough.
Turns over and sees Providence agents, pointing guns at him.
Providence Rex is onboard. Heading back to HQ.
Rex HQ? Ten minutes ago I was in the middle of an epic battle. You need to take me back!
Providence agent Um, that battle is over.
Rex What happened? Is Six okay? Guys...what's going on?
They arrive at HQ.
Caesar Baby brother, you're okay! [Runs and hugs him.]
Rex Breach just sent me to nowheresville. Nothing to freak out over.
Caesar [To Providence agent.] You didn't tell him?
Providence agent Our orders were just to bring him back.
Rex Tell me what? Hey, when did you...have a beard?
Caesar There's no easy way to tell you this, hermano. Breach didn't just send you to the middle of nowhere. You've been gone for six months.
Rex Six months?! So this is...
Caesar Technically, the future. I should warn you, there've been a few changes.
Rex You didn't give away my room, did you?
Caesar As a matter of fact, they did.
Rex What?? Caesar, tell me what's going on here.
Caesar It would be better if I showed you.
Rex White Knight taking visitors now?
Caesar I'll wait out here.
Rex sees Providence agents dressed in black.
Rex Nice suits.
Goes into the office.
Rex Ah... Love what you've done with the place. White?
Person in chair turns around, it's a woman, not White Knight.
Black Knight Thank you, Rex. [She gets up and walks towards him.] It was a little bright for my taste. White Knight is no longer associated with this organization.
Rex He...quit?
Black Knight He attempted a hostile takeover. And failed. Can I get you anything? Water? A snack?
Rex I don't want a snack. Where's Six? Where's Holiday?
Black Knight This must be upsetting to you. Change is never easy but from what I understand you've handled situations like this before. Everything's going to be fine.
Rex Who are you?
Black Knight Someone very happy to have you back. You'll call me Black Knight.
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