Rex: The only way that she's coming here is if she does it willingly.
White Knight: And how do you propose we persuade her?
Rex: With me.
Rex: I can be very convincing.
(Everyone stares)
Rex: Okay, okay! I think she still might have a thing for me!
Bobo: Attaboy, work it on the crazy chick.

Rex: Why do you let him do this to you?
Breach: Glory.
Rex: Van Kleiss' glory. Is he even noticing you're tearing yourself apart for him? Have you ever heard say thank you?
(Breach pauses)
Rex: What do say we blow this joint? You and me?
(Breach pauses again)
Rex: He's hurting you.
Breach: It's not real; it can't hurt you if it isn't real.
Rex: Breach, look at me. It is. I'm real. All of this is real. You don't have to live this way.

Van Kleiss: Rex is coming to rescue my very own lost sheep. Perhaps to try to save you next, Biowulf?
Rex: Depends. Is he housebroken yet?
Biowulf: I am no traitor!

Breach: Will they hurt me?
Rex: Providence? Not if I can help it.
Breach: They did before. Miss Smarty Pants. She likes to hurt me.

Breach: My two favorites; both lie. Neither is real.

Breach: (to Rex) I don't know if any of this was real... But it was nice, having a friend for a while.

Rex: Doc, you there?
Dr. Holiday: Tracking shows you with Breach. Are you okay?
Rex: Fine. Creeped out, but fine.

Rex: Do you remember anything, for before you... changed?
Breach: I remember everything... and nothing.
Rex: Naturally. Why did I even bother to ask?

Agent Six: The name's Six.
Van Kleiss: We've met.
Agent Six: Don't remember.

Caesar: (hugs Rex) Baby brother! You've come back!
Rex: Breach just send me to nowheres-ville. No need to freak out or anything.
Caesar: They didn't tell you?

Caesar: I should warn you, there have been a few changes
Rex: You didn't give away my room, did you?
Caesar: As a matter of fact... they did.

Black Knight: Thank you, Rex. But it was too bright for my taste.

Rex: Who are you?
Black Knight: Someone very happy to have you back. You'll call me... Black Knight.
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