Lion EVO
Lion EVO
Vital statistics
Species Feline EVO
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gold
Allies Van Kleiss
Further info
First appearance "A Brief History of Time" (only appearance)
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The Lion EVO was created by Van Kleiss in ancient Rome in the coliseum.[1]


With it being one of his opponents in the coliseum fight to the death, Van Kleiss turned it into an Exponentially Variegated Organism in order for it to obey and follow his command. Later, when trying to escape in his hibernation chamber and needed its support no longer, he released it, telling it to "start a few legends".[1]


  • When Van Kleiss released the Lion EVO saying "start a few legends", he could have been referencing any of several Greek-Roman mythical monsters including the Nemean lion (giant lion demon slayed by Hercules), Chimera (a creature said to have the body of a lion, goat for a head and snake for a tail), and Cerberus (a three-headed dog-like monster famous as the guardian of the underworld).
  • Since the EVO was once a normal Lion that eventually came underneath a recently enslaved Van Kleiss' control when he mutated it with his active Nanites in the colliseum, it could be considered a twisted version of the story of Androcles and The Lion.



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