Leon Adler
Leon Profile
Vital statistics
Name Leon Adler
Affiliation(s) Trendbenders
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color brown
Eye color Dark brown
Allies Rex Salazar, JoJo, Sly, Beau
Enemies Sebastian
Further info
First appearance "Rock My World" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Steve Blum
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Leon Adler is a band member of the Trendbenders. He is the drummer of the group.


Along with the band, Leon performed at a concert. Again, the group ran into Sebastian, a crazed fan. Shortly afterward, the group hired Rex as their security guard. When staying at a hotel one night, Sebastian found the group. Trying to escape and nearly getting killed by Sebastian, Rex saved them and defeated his clones. Unfortunately, his clone was cured and not the original, making Sebastian's plan only the beginning.

Booking a gig for the band, JoJo had walked with the Trendbenders into a trap. Threatening to kill them by strapping bombs to their legs, the group played all of his requested music. In the end, Sebastian was stopped.[1]


Season Three


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