Agent Six: We're on it! Be prepared for an attack scenario Delta 9.
Rex Salazar: Delta 9? I didn't even know there was a Delta 1.
Agent Six: Study the manual.
Rex: There's a manual?

Agent Six: Rex, we're ordered to stand down! Van Kleiss isn't to be touched.
Rex: Oh I won't lay a finger on him. (Changes his arm into a sword)

Van Kleiss: Of course, I'd hate for anyone to jump to the wrong conclusion.

Rex: Introducing Van Kleiss. Just your everyday murdering psycho E.V.O.!
Van Kleiss: Unlike Providence, we're not here to promote violence.
Rex: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah. Right!

White Knight: Until he pulls something, you can't touch him!
Rex: So we're just going to sit here and do laundry until he leaves?
White Knight: Six and Holiday are going to a party at the Abysus consulate. If Van Kleiss wants to flaunt his immunity then we'll take advantage of it. (an envelope appears, and Rex grabs it)
Rex: This is addressed to me!
White Knight: We need precision, not a blunt instrument. I'll reference this morning as a prime example.

Rebecca Holiday: (as Rex starts his search for Circe) Rex. (Holiday sighs)... Be careful.
Rex: No need to be jealous, doc. I'll be fine.

Bobo Haha: Trapped in your room? (Bobo laughs) You're losing your edge pal.
Agent Six: And if I find out you had any part in it...
Bobo Haha: (Bobo clears his throat) So how you wanna do this?
Agent Six: By the book. 7 Alpha.
Bobo Haha: Bad monkey protocol it is.

Rex: (about to touch the elevator) I'll pry it open! (the door opens before he touches it) Huh?
Bobo Haha: (Rex notices Bobo by the elevator buttons) Funny how that works.

Rex: (Angrily) Thanks for nearly bashing my head in there. And what's with the "knocking-me-out" thing?
Circe: We just needed to keep you out of the way until all of this was over.
Rex: This? He could destroy the whole city!
Circe: He's trying to negotiate peace from a position of strength.
Rex: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah, all of this nanite power is just screaming peace.
Circe: His methods may be... aggressive, but he's here to save us...and you. (Whispers in Rex's ear) Come on, Rex, jump in with us. The water's fine.
Rex: I'll think about it... after I stop Van Kleiss.
Circe: (Disappointed) It's too late for that now, Rex. (Disappears through a red-colored portal into Abysus)

Rex: I'm not letting you hurt anyone, Van Kleiss!
Van Kleiss: I don't intend to - as long as they do everything I ask. To start, I'll require all nations to submit to my authority.
Rex: (to the UN) I'm guessing this blows his diplomatic immunity? (the UN assembly nods in agreement) Cool beard.

Van Kleiss: Right under your noses. My lifeblood was being spread beneath your feet. Enough to crush a dozen Rexes.
Rex: You're gonna have to finish this one first!

Van Kleiss: We will not be ignored. Circe understands this. Why don't you respect her judgement?

Van Kleiss: You've made things very difficult for me, Rex. Delaying this will only result in more suffering.
Rex: Mine or yours?

Van Kleiss: I have to admit, Rex. You have me a bit stumped on this one. Taking out your frustrations on a wall?
Rex: It's not the wall. It's what's on the other side.
Van Kleiss: (Realizes what Rex is doing) NO!

Rex: I won!
Van Kleiss: It seems you have... Your parents would have been so proud. I've never had a chance to tell you about them, have I? (an E.V.O. bug appears and carries Van Kleiss away) Perhaps another time.

Rex: At least now the world knows what a psycho he is. Next time he even thinks about coming back, no immunity!

Bobo Haha: Some knucklehead punched a hole in the East River. Need someone to plug it up.
Rex: I'll take a shortcut. (Rex dives into the river)
Agent Six: Were those my pants?
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