Lava Spitting EVO
Lava spitting EVO
Vital statistics
Name Lava Spitting EVO
Species Human EVO
Abilities  ·Spitting lava

 ·Enhanced condition

Enemies Rex Salazar, Beasly, Wade, Kenwyn Jones, Weaver
Further info
First appearance "Basic"
Last appearance "Enemies Mine"
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Ice that EVO!

Sergeant DI Hutton telling a cadet what to do with the lava spitting EVO, "Basic"

The Lava Spitting EVO is an EVO that can eject smoldering lava from its mouth and other holes throughout its body.


After receiving a distress signal from Providence, Rex arrived at the scene to battle the lava spitting EVO. Ultimately, the EVO was captured by Providence and transported to the Cage at Providence Basic Training.[1]

Later on, the lava spitting EVO was transferred from Providence Basic to another Providence base that contained EVOs. The EVO attempted to escape during a jailbreak, but after getting into a short battle with Rex, it was easily defeated.[2]


Season One

Season Three


  • It is a level 2 EVO.[1]
  • The Lava spitting EVO bears a striking resemblance to "The Brute" from an indie horror game: "Monstrum."


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