Larva EVO
Caterpillar E.V.O
Species Animal EVO
Body type Larva
Unusual features Four arms around the corners of the mouth, large boils
Further info
First appearance "The Forgotten"
Last appearance "Enemies Mine"

A larve EVO is a giant larval-like EVO that resides in many places such as the Bug Jar, Abysus, and the Petting Zoo.


Two larvae EVOs are seen transporting nanite-infused soil from Abysus, led by Breach and Circe underground.[1] On another occasion, two larvae EVOs attacked Rex, Agent Six, and Bobo in the Bug Jar. Thankfully for Rex, he was able to catch a DNA sample for Doctor Holiday by using her molecular scanner.[2]

Another inhabited the subways where Rex defeated it by luring it into a construction site and burying it under some steel girders. Afterward, it was later collared and taken into Providence custody.[3]


Season One

Season Three


  • According to Rex, worm EVOs usually travel in pairs.[3]


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