Vital statistics
Base of operations Mainly Brooklyn
Affiliation(s) EVO Guys
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Abilities Hand-to-hand combat skills
Allies Rombauer, Rex Salazar
Enemies Frog EVO
Further info
First appearance "Moonlighting" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Carlos Alazraqui
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Lansky is a former Providence agent from Brooklyn. He later joined the "EVO Guys" with Rombauer.


Quitting Providence after one week on the job, Lansky later joined Providence Basic Training dropout Rombauer and started their own business called the "EVO Guys". Lansky was the first to accept Rex onto their team, since Providence's top agent would be good for their small business. After Rex joined, Lansky was outshined and forced to sit on the back of their truck. After they fought for priorities, Lansky and Rombauer decided to help Rex fight the Frog EVO[1]


Lansky often agrees and follows Rombauer everywhere. Though like his partner, he is slightly bitter about Providence, Lansky enjoys doing this small EVO busting business with him, especially when they are paid well on the job.[1]


Season Two


  • Lansky has a tendency to have an incident in certain places from the past that is sometimes referred to but never explained. This can be seen how often he has running gag, "I can't go to [insert name of location]. It's a long story..."[1] Places mentioned include:
    • The state of New Jersey
    • The neighborhood of Canarsie in Brooklyn


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