Lance Profile
Vital statistics
Name Lance
Base of operations Garage
Affiliation(s) Biker gang
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Abilities  ·Skilled bike riding
Allies Rex Salazar, Rand, Moss, Rebecca Holiday biker gang
Enemies Providence, police
Further info
First appearance "Crash and Burn" only appearance)
Portrayed by: Jack DeSena
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Lance is a biker. After a bad accident, he was taken good care of by Doctor Holiday. He was freed later to be reunited with his gang.[1]


Crash and Burn

In a violent race, Lance was thrown off his bike and had a devastating accident. Rex found him, but sensed nanites inside of him. Bringing him to Holiday, she tested and found them to be Prototype nanite. These nanites were dangerous and poisoning him. In the end, he was detoxified and was reunited with his gang, whom were very happy to see that he was okay.[1]


Season Three


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