Television Series

Season 3

Mind Games

John Scarecrow: Heya Rex. Miss me?

John Scarecrow: You really don't remember me Rex? I'll give you a hint. We used to share a stomping ground.

Rex: You were in Hong Kong.

John Scarecrow: (Condescending clapping) Give the man a prize!

John Scarecrow: (to Holiday) Look at you. You're ridiculous! You think he'll come to his senses? Realize his true feelings? Then what? You'll settle down? White picket fence? Little agent kids? You're fooling yourself!

John Scarecrow: (to Six) You're the worst of them, you know that? Because you know better. You really think you can save the world? None of you can survive what's coming!

John Scarecrow: (Laughter) So easy. I barely had to nudge you!

Rex: Whatever you're after, you're not getting away with it!

John Scarecrow: Get away with it? Rex, I got what I needed in the first five minutes.

Rex: Then why? Why do all this?

John Scarecrow: Simple. I wanted to do to you what you did to me.

John Scarecrow: The big hero. Why do you get to forget? It's not fair!

Rex: Whine, whine, whine! What, you didn't get enough crazy hugs as a kid?

John Scarecrow: (Holding a gun on Rex, transformed as Rex): You're your own worst enemy.

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