JoJo Profile
Vital statistics
Name JoJo
Affiliation(s) Trendbenders
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark brown
Allies Rex Salazar, Leon, Sly, Beau
Enemies Sebastian
Further info
First appearance "Rock My World" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Lacey Chabert
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JoJo is the band manager of the Trendbenders.


After witnessing Rex's battle with Sebastian, a "fruitcake" Trendbenders' fan, she offered Rex a job as a temporary guard for the band. She mentioned that Sebastian had been on their tails ever since they started their tour and that Rex's help would be needed. When Rex agreed to help, they started off on the road. Staying at a hotel, they were visited by Sebastian once again. The band and JoJo ran off into the bus and headed for the road to escape Sebastian, but he followed them and almost killed them. With the help of Rex, he was stopped. Once Rex cured a clone that he thought was the original, it fooled JoJo into believing the same.

Getting a call for a gig that offered a lot of money for a performance by the band, they headed there immediately. However, the gig was a trick made up by Sebastian. Attacking them in the dark, he tied JoJo's hands together and attached a bomb to her leg, threatening to blow them up if they didn't play the correct music. Ultimately, they were saved by Rex. She offered him to come along the rest of the tour, but he declined. [1]


Season Three


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