Jacob: You can control your nanites?
Rex: People usually start with "thanks," but yeah.

Rex: And nobody knows you're out here? Not even Providence?
Jacob: Especially not providence.

Rex: (Speaking sarcastically of the Architect) Wow. Friendly.
Jacob: I like to think he's smiling on the inside.
Rex: Yeah. I know a guy like that.

Rex: Amazing what a little gratitude will get you. At Providence, they'd just be yelling at me. You know, I never really felt like I belonged there. Here it's way different.
Jacob: I know the feeling. The Architect has made all this possible for us. We have a community - a family... Thanks to him. The work we do is in part to pay him back.

Rex: It's really cool to use my powers to build something, instead of just pounding Evos. Oh, check it out. Even the boss is pitching in.
(everyone looks at the Architect doing some work)
Rex: And that's strange because -?
Jacob: Because in all these years, we've never seen him lift a finger.
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