Jacob profile
Vital statistics
Name Jacob
Base of operations Engineer village
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Abilities Engineering skills
Relatives Kate (wife)
Caleb (son)
Allies Rex Salazar
Enemies Zag RS
Further info
First appearance "The Architect" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Luke Perry
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Jacob is an engineer that lives in a small, cloaked village invisible to outsiders. He is married to Kate and has a son named Caleb.[1]


Jacob first met Rex while they were in the middle of a construction project, and had gotten attacked by EVOs When Rex fought them off, he brought Rex into his home to show gratitude. He explained to Rex that their village was basically a community of families and groups of engineers trying to work with a man called "The Architect". He explained that with all of their help, they could attempt to build a way for humans to communicate with nanites, which Jacob thought was to "achieve peace and harmony".

Eventually, he had found that the the Architect wasn't really whom he seemed and that it was actually a computer robot called Zag RS. Jacob helped Rex put an end to it. Unfortunately, when destroying The Architect and its tower that provided the cloak, their village was visible to everyone. Jacob mentioned that he would be helping to reconstruct his village.[1]


Season One


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