Isabella Profile
Vital statistics
Name Isabella
Species Human
Base of operations Television studio
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Abilities Actress
Allies Reynaldo, Noah, Rex
Enemies Beatriz (rival)
Further info
First appearance "Moonlighting"
Last appearance "Mind Games"
Portrayed by: Grey DeLisle
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Isabella is an actress of the soap opera El Amor De La Pasión El Amor. She appears to be just as dramatic as her role on television.



She first appeared on a soap opera Rex watched while in a briefing. She was in a situation where she was in a squabble.[1]

Phantom of the Soap Opera

When Noah was on the verge of losing his job as a page, Rex decided to fill in as Noah. Wearing Noah's uniform, he met Isabella who used him only for his deeds as a page. Though her intent was to prevent her series from being cancelled, she and her co-workers gave Rex a hard time since she constantly complained about the service. She eventually worshiped Rex (whom she thought was Noah) when he cured a loose EVO that sparked up trouble throughout the television studio, thus giving Noah a good review.[2]


Season Two

Season Three


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