IV Profile
Vital statistics
Name IV
Aliases 4th most dangerous person on the planet
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Abilities Using bandage cloth as weapons
Weapons Bandages
Further info
First appearance "Divide By Six" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Frank Welker
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IV (Roman numeral for "four" and pronounced "ivy") is a mummy-like mercenary who is the fourth most dangerous person on the planet and a member of the Six.


Along with his other teammates, IV agreed to killing One because he thought that he would be better off dead than living the rest of his life trapped in a cage.


Out of all the Six, IV is the most paranoid and quickly assumes the worst.


His main weapon is the bandages that cover him, which he is able to control. He can use them to bind opponents and can even use them to his own aid. For example, when hiking, he used his bandages to wrap around a rock and pull himself up. He is also very durable, as he was thrown headfirst into a brick wall and continued fighting, having suffered seemingly no injuries.


The Six

Being a part of the Six, IV's relationships are notably different with each individual. Like the rest of the group, he was trained by One. He and Six were partners at one point. He blamed Six for the mission that cost him his pinkie. It's evident that he and Dos don't get along, but they still stand aside one another. As for everyone else, they manage to get along.


Season Two


  • IV lost his pinky during a job in Malaysia.
  • IV is the second person in the show who has been seen using bandages as a weapon. The first is Tuck, an EVO.
  • IV's name is not really a name, but a rank, representing the number four in roman numerals, supporting the fact that he is the fourth most dangerous person in the world.
  • IV has the only name over the other five of his teammates to be pronounced as a commonly given name (Ivy).
  • IV is also the fourth in the usage of bandages in the Man of Action's creations. First was the Mummy of Ben 10, second was Snare-oh of Ben 10, third was Tuck & the fifth is Khufulus of Ben 10.
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