Hodgson profile
Vital statistics
Name Hogdson
Affiliation(s) Providence
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Allies Providence
Further info
First appearance "Waste Land" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Robin Atkin Downes
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Hogdson is an agent that was once aboard a Providence research ship momentarily when it was under attack. He was on a mission, safely transporting reactor cores.[1]


Waste Land

Being apart of Providence's research crew, it started off when he and the ship were attacked, for what he thought was something else. When others were abandoning ship, he attempted to shut down the reactor cores or else the whole sea would become a "dead zone". Once attempting to remove it, he was surprised by an EVO making its way into the ship and allowing it to flood. Amazingly, he and the whole crew were unharmed as mentioned before by Holiday.[1]


Season Two


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